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How To Find Your Spiritual Intuition

How To Find Your Spiritual Intuition

What is your mission? What is your first step. Learn to listen

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- [Henry Ammar] So many of us look to others to give us the love that we want, but I can show you how to right now tune into that meaningful love that you're seeking for. I first learned this when I was speaking at my first big gig in San Francisco. I was speaking after this scientist, and he got on the screen and he showed this, like, study they had and it was a study of many years of, they called it mind-heart coherence, which was when you're feeling gratitude, not just thinking gratitude, people are more intuitive. People were on the edges of their seat and he was showing studies, and at first I didn't know why I was speaking after him, 'cause I was more of a rookie speaker, but he was setting up my speech, 'cause what he said is, "Here are 16 steps that you could do to get into mind-heart coherence," and I got it down to just three. So number one, how can you connect? When you're feeling gratitude, you can listen without the mind interfering. Because what happens when you're in gratitude, we get into what I call the gratitude-love loop, right? When you're feeling gratitude, you get in tune to the source of love and it continues to cycle and build on it if we set the intention of feeling more gratitude on a regular basis. And in many teachings they say God is love, right? And so I wasn't that good at math, but if A is B, then B is A, right? So if God is love, then love is God, and that's what we wanna put more into our lives. God wants real prayers, real conversations. And so when you're connected, just be authentic. What are you feeling? What do you want? What is it that you desire? What can you ask? Which leads us to number three, when you get an answer, how do you know it's an answer from God or from source, or if it's just your thoughts? And for me it was really interesting. I was having a really hard time in my life and I remember exactly where I was sitting on this desk and there were these scriptures there, and I'm gonna use the word God for me, but you can use whatever you want, just take the principle away from this, that's all that matters. I had these scriptures, Bible in front of me, and I just flipped it open and I literally felt like there was like a little light highlighting one verse, and it says, "All things work together for good to those who love God and are called according to his purpose." And, you know, you hear all things are gonna work together for your good, that's like an Instagram post, right? You share it on your story and you move on. So I got on this train, I was going to downtown, and there's a guy on crutches walking right towards me, not even trying to, like, pretend he is walking somewhere else. And he looks at me and he goes, "Hey." I'm like, "Hey." And he goes, "When God says all things, he means all things. He didn't say some things, he didn't say almost everything, didn't say a little bit of things. All things will work together for your good, you stay on the path." And I was like, "What the heck was that?" And I was, like, went into my head, don't even know what happened to him. And it made me ask the question. Like, I could believe in a higher source, but can I believe the higher source of love, of truth, that everything can work together for my good? So I want you to imagine this. It's a championship football game, and the football player catches the ball and he starts to run and the game is down to the wire. So the stadium is cheering really, really, really loud. You can barely hear anything, and the guy's running, and he hears his coach say, "Cut left, cut left," and the guy cuts left, misses a tackle and just goes and runs in for the touchdown and they win the game. And afterwards they asked him, "How did you hear your coach's voice? How did you even recognize your coach's voice out of all the voices cheering in the stadium?" He said, "I've heard that voice enough times to where I recognized it when he said it." In your life, I think you've heard that voice, maybe you've connected to truth before. Go back to that moment now. Go back to that exact moment, see what you saw, hear what you heard, feel what you felt, as if you're there now, and take a deep breath and feel into it. In those moments where you can feel that something is true, where do you feel that in your body? And eventually, like that football player, that voice will pierce through the noise of the world and you can score your touchdown.

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