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Which Self Are You?

Which Self Are You?

You can live in fear or in love. Here’s how to make the switch

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- [Henry Ammar] Most people are living life on autopilot in their fear-based self, running patterns of the past over and over and over again. But you have this gift called "choice", where you could choose to go into a different part of yourself, the higher self that's connected to the divine, to God, to the part of you that's awake. I got obsessed with emotions and mentality and spirituality. Everything I could, to discover freedom. And I realized that there really are two parts of ourselves. The first one is a lowercase S self. Science, spirituality, all called it something different. Whether you call it the ego in spirituality. Science will call it the fear-based mind. Fear-based living. And it's interesting because if the number one directive for your mind is to keep you safe, if you go on autopilot, what is it gonna do? Is it gonna look for all the ways that you can succeed? All the ways you could be happy? Or is it gonna look for all the things that you need to feel safe? It's gonna be a fear-based life. You get to the end of the day, you're like, "What did I even do today?" And that's not a space of creation. It's a space of survival. And if the only thing you play in basketball is really good defense, the best score you could have is zero-zero. We don't wanna just break even. We wanna live life and thrive. We wanna live life feeling loved and connected and present and experiencing life at its fullest. And so that's where we get to go from living in our body, in our habit self. In just the mind, as we call it, to living in your capital S self. That's the part of you that science will call mindful. The part that's connected to the divine, to God. We're living, and one of the greatest gifts we have, which is choice. We are choosing our lives. We're not running this pattern like puppets, where this person says this and pulls us this way and we get pulled that way. But no, we pause, we breathe and we connect. And we step into what I will call "the power of intention". Because that is where we actually really do live. So in order to go from the lowercase S self to your capital S self, the part of you that is the most powerful, the most connected, the most aligned, the part of you that can get into peace, the part of you that isn't caught up in the outside world, the link is love. I used to look back at little Henry, and be like, "I can't believe he was so passive and insecure." And I realized I couldn't beat myself up into healing. That I had to put love into it 'cause love was a transformer. And I know we hear love over fear. Yeah, love over fear. It's like, "No, we need to put love into the fear." So I want you to imagine what you have for the rest of the day. Who are you supposed to see? What are you supposed to do? And we're gonna take that same scenario and we're gonna break it up in two different ways that you could show up. Scenario A. Your lowercase S self. This is a part of you that's operating on autopilot. Same conversations, same things you do. Doing it over and over and over again. And this part is usually survival. What are your feelings? So now I want you to imagine scenario B. This is where you live life intentionally, where you live life connected. To love, to source, to presence, to peace. And you allowed yourself to be intentional. Instead of getting caught up in the day-to-day, in the patterns of life, you took a deep breath and you saw what was coming for that day. And you said, "How do I wanna show up?" Is a life where you don't utilize your power of choice even your life? Or will you step into your higher self, your capital S self, the part of you that's connected to God, to the divine, the part of you that is love. And you get to look in the mirror at the end of the day and say, "I lived connected. I lived in love. And I created my life."

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