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Love is precious. People live their lives for it, and give their lives for it. This makes love seem like a rare resource, but it is not. Love is created easily. Love surrounds you. Let's open our hearts to it. Breathe deeply and exhale slowly. Open your spirit to receive from your own intuition and from God. Picture the faces of people you see every day, and maybe some you don't see as often. Picture one of them saying a kind hello to you. Who is that person? Picture one of them with a gentle smile for you. Who is that? Picture one of them giving you a gift. Who is it? Imagine that all of these people are in a room with you. Now, picture someone you love in that same room, and a second person you love with them as well, and three more people you love. Imagine these people surrounding you. Beyond them, there are many more who you can't see, but who love you all the same. And surrounding all of them is God, who gave to each of them and to you, the power to create love. Let that power flow through you and from you today.


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