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- Hi everyone, Sade here. This is your friendly reminder that God loves you, right now, as you are. The creator's love is not conditional. The creator's love is not, if you do this, I'll give you this. I feel like a lot of times that's how some relationships can be, right? That's not the relationship with God, it is unconditional, it is unwavering, it is steadfast. Again, usually when I give reminders it's to myself as well, I have to remember that sometimes I wanna perform for God, look God I'm doing this, see? See, aren't I great? We don't have to. We can just really be ourselves, in our dark times, in our low times, we can come to God and just be. Just be imperfect, and still receive His glory, and all the great things that that energy gives to us. Again, this is your gentle reminder that God loves you right now, as you are. Remember to be true to yourself, stay in that divine energy, and know that God loves you.