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- As you listen to this exercise imagine saying these words as a love note to your body. "Dear body, thank you for all that you constantly do for me. Thank you for keeping me safe and healthy, for keeping me alive. I regret that I don't always acknowledge how much I love and appreciate you. I want you to know that I'm sorry for being so critical of you. Sometimes I only notice your flaws or I want you to be different than you are. I become upset when you change shape or size and I become upset when you don't. I limit my own experience because I'm preoccupied with how you look. I get so embarrassed at how others may perceive you that I find ways to hide, to cover you up, to alter you. I tell myself that if you could just look different, look better, then I could finally be happy. This is all unfair to you because it makes me ignore all the immense good that you bring to my life. Because of you there is so much richness I can experience in the world. Bird song on an early spring morning. Hugging a close friend. The power of a good night's sleep. Thank you for allowing me to experience these things. Thank you for allowing me to feel emotions both joyful and painful. Thank you for allowing me to form meaningful relationships. Thank you for allowing me to be creative and to pursue my hobbies and interests. You have always supported me in the best way that you can, and for that, I'm grateful. I recognize that you are my home for life and I want to take care of you. I resolve to be better from now on, to focus on what you are and what you can do instead of how I wish you were different. Please be patient with me through that process. I love you."


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