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- Hi, Sade here. Hey, do me a favor and like this video if you want to see more content like this. Yeah. Okay, I want to talk to you about prayer and stretching. Two of my favorite things separately, so I've been exploring combining them. I use prayer for a reset. Throughout the day, I reset. Morning prayer, midday prayer, night prayer. I also use prayer to talk to God. I don't necessarily sit down and do this ritual of prayer like I'm praying in this moment. I pray on the go, in my car, on the way to work, after a conversation, during a conversation with someone . So I think it's important to constantly be in communication with God. It is a constant reset throughout the day. I don't believe in one prayer a day, then that's it. For where I am now in my walk, I feel like I need to constantly be in communication with the higher power. So that's what I'm working on. I am a wellness coach. I teach fitness classes, so movement is really important to me. Working out is really important to me. I feel like one of the most underrated components of a workout is a stretch. I teach fitness classes, like I said, and a lot of my students will leave, you know, like the stretch is not important. The warmup is not important. It is. It is so vital to release and slow down and start to get those joints working. So again, I have been combining my prayer and my stretching, and I'd like to invite you to join me to do that right now. To just pray and stretch. Release and reset . All right. Go ahead and take a seat, cross-legged. Ah, hands on the knees. Deep inhale . Exhale, sigh it out . Dropping those shoulders down. Two more times like that. Inhale . Exhale . One more time, inhale . Exhale, sigh it out . Just get really silent with yourself and God. Start to be thankful, showing gratitude just where you're at in life, where you're at in this day. Take another deep inhale . Exhale. Start to give me a neck circle to the right. Releasing tension in the neck, showing gratitude to that higher power. Dropping the head all the way back. Taking the ear to that shoulder, dropping the chin to the chest. Thank you, Lord. Thank you, God. Thank you, higher power for the release of tension in the neck. Go ahead and switch directions. Taking your time, releasing. And go around one more time, and come back to center. Go ahead and check that your shoulders are dropped, your spine is long and elevated. Bring those arms out wide and start to circle your arms forward towards me. Breathing. Switch directions away from me. I pray that you get everything you need out of this time that you're taking for yourself and God. Bring your hands back to your knees. Deep inhale. Exhale . Full body circles. Like I said earlier, that prayer is a reset. Prayer is an expression of gratitude. Switch directions. I pray that when you call upon a higher power, you get exactly what you need. You hear exactly what you need. Switch directions. Calling upon that divine energy for peace, for joy, for resilience. Come back to center. Drop that right hand on your mat. Inhale . Exhale, bring that left arm up as that right elbow drops. Stretch over as far as you can. Ah. Hmm. Switch. Bringing that left elbow down as that right hand goes up. Inhale , exhale . Receiving that energy into your body as you release. Bring both arms up, slowly come down. Bring your hands to the ground in front of you. It's okay if your back is a little tight here. Just start to hold here . Drop your head down. I pray that you get everything you need. Sit back up. I want you to switch your feet. You can take a little break real quick . Shake it out real quick, and then switch to promote balance in the body. Just deep breaths right here, showing gratitude, expressing love for those in your life. Praying for anybody who needs it. Calling on that divine energy for anybody who needs it. Thinking of a loved one that needs it . I want you to imagine a ball of light just above your head right now as you're deeply breathing at your own pace. I want you to imagine that that ball of light is a positive, lucrative, energetic field in your life, and it starts to just swallow you and you feel nothing but peace. So much peace no matter what is going on in your life, you just feel peace. Breathe into that . Keep breathing . I want you to come on all fours. In that ball of light, feeling that immense peace. I'm going to come a little off camera here, but I'm going to show you real quick. Toes are tucked. Knees are in line with hips, and your wrists are under your shoulders. Take a deep inhale and arch the spine as your eyes go up to the ceiling, and then round as you exhale, and that chin goes to your belly button. In that ball of light, acknowledging that higher power. Come back to center. Take your left hand up, come all the way up, and then through the right side, dropping your left hand, extending that right hand . Breathing here. I'm praying for your healing. Come back up, back to center. Take that right arm up. Come all the way through. Extend that left arm out to really, really feel the stretch on the right. I'm praying that you have energy to get through whatever it is that you're going through with ease and so much peace. Come back up. Now come into a Child's Pose here. Let your toes touch, your knees go wide, and drop your head down, extending your arms as long as possible. I want you to stay in here, and I'm going to get up and talk to you while you're breathing with your eyes closed, head down on the mat. Really taking your time in feeling that. God loves you. God knows you inside and out. The divine energy hears you, cares for you, and is supporting you. How beautiful is that? Continue to stay in that Child's Pose. It's so good. How good is it to be free in that energy and to know that you are supported? Start to come up out of the Child's Pose, having a seat on your butt, extending your legs out wide. Arms up. Inhale, touch your toes. Drop your head down to release your lower back. If you're unable to touch your toes, I want you to bend your knees until you can. If you're here, it's all good. If you're here, it's all good. If your legs are all the way out straight and you're touching your toes, it is all good. God will meet you exactly where you're at. Stay breathing, stay thankful. If you have it, you can even rock side to side a bit to release tension. You are still in that ball of light, feeling ever so free and ever so safe in this moment. Come up. Bring that right leg in as that left leg goes out . Reach over with your right to get that side stretch. Beautiful. Switch legs and getting that side stretch towards the leg. Come to a cross-leg position again. Drop those shoulders down. Close your eyes. Enjoying the silence or the music wherever you're at. Enjoying God's presence in your life and in your heart. Take notice of how you feel, and what was released in your movement. These are very small movements. These are a level one, level two movements to get your body flowing in the prayer. I want you to take this time to move organically how you want to move while you pray to God. I'm going to give you a full minute to just move in your light, and be thankful for who you are and where you are, and whose you are. I'll be here praying for you, for your loved ones, for me and my loved ones. Staying in that energy, knowing who you are. I'm so thankful to the higher power for showing me who I am. At about 15 more seconds here to just move how you want to move and how you want to flow. And if you want to cry out, this is your time to do that. This is just for you and no one else. Hmm. So good. So good. Go ahead and come back to a quiet place. That bright light is still shining on you. Take one deep inhale . Exhale, let it go . Remember to be true to yourself. Stay in that divine energy and know that God loves you.


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