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Hello everybody. My name is Rehl Clarke. Thank you so much for practicing with me today. Today our flow is going to be a devoted flow to ourself and to God. Devotion is such a deep word and has so much meaning to it. In yoga, there is a common word that most yogis are familiar with called bhakti. Bhakti is the devotion to a supreme deity. Today our flow is going to be focused on being devoted within ourselves, and being devoted to God. There's a little quote I wanted to read. It says that, "Bhakti is devotional worship directed to one supreme deity. Bhakti involves cultivating a spirit of unconditional love." Yoga is all about love. God is all about love. And when we are devoted to God, we can feel God's love, and we can share that love with other people. So throughout this flow, we are going to be devoted to this practice. We're going to do some hard poses. It's going to be awesome. So with that being said, let's get into it. All right, we are going to start in this seated position. We're just gonna do some breathing here. We're gonna move into some ujjayi breath in just a minute. But to start, we are going to have our palms facing up to feel enlightenment from God, and we're just gonna breathe through our nose and exhale through our nose. Focusing on your surroundings, maybe what you hear, what you feel, what you smell. Today we are outside in the beautiful mountains. The sun is shining, birds are chirping, bees are humming. It's a beautiful day. It's a beautiful day for you wherever you are, and I am excited to practice with you. We're going to move into our ujjayi breath. How this works is we are going to inhale through our nose and exhale through our mouth, making an ha sound. You can imagine that you're fogging up a bathroom mirror. We're gonna inhale and exhale, inhale and exhale. Two more times, inhale and exhale. On this next inhale, really expanding your belly, filling your rib cage with air and exhale all of that air. Wonderful. Moving into a tabletop position. We are going to do a couple table to child's pose transition here. So we're gonna keep our knees wide on our mat. Our toes are touching together. We're gonna push back into child's pose and push forward into table. Pushing back, pushing forward. This is going to be activating our quads and our hamstrings. There's gonna be a couple of poses in here that are a little bit more challenging, but I know you can do it, and I want you to be devoted to those poses. I don't want you to give up. God never gives up on us, and we aren't gonna give up on this yoga flow today. Couple more times here. You're feeling this burn. Four, three, two, and one. Coming into a high plank position straight from there. We're going to inhale bringing our right knee close to our chest. We're going to lower our knee down and on our inhale or on our exhale, excuse me. We're going to exhale, drawing our knee up to our chest, engaging our core. Inhale release, exhale pulling that up. Couple times here. Three, two, and one. Here, taking our right foot in between our right hands, coming into a low lunge, inhaling our arms up and exhaling falling forward. We're gonna place the weight into our left hand and our right arm is going to shoot up and back, gazing at our right fingertips. Cartwheeling our hand on either side of our foot curling our left toes underneath us. We're gonna inhale coming up into high crescent lunge. Exhale opening up to warrior two. Inhale, reversing our warrior and exhale bending forward, coming into side angle. Inhale lengthening our front leg, arms are straight, coming into triangle. From here we're gonna put our hands on either side of our foot, lifting our left leg high coming into a standing split. Feeling strong here, pointing that foot that is floating, engaging our core, Lowering back down into that low lunge. Inhaling both arms up and exhaling our hands down. Curling our left toes underneath us, pushing back into high plank, coming into a downward facing dog. We're going to inhale our right leg high, exhale shooting that through, bringing our right ankle to our right wrist, coming into pigeon. Inhaling facing the sky and lowering down coming onto our forearms. Curling our left toes underneath us, we're going to push back into down dog. Rolling out, coming into high plank. This time we're going to take our left knee, bringing it close to our chest. Inhale drop, exhale lift. Couple more here. Two and one. Stepping our left leg in between our hands coming into that low lunge, inhaling up and exhaling down. Weight is in our right hand. Inhale left arm up to the sky back behind us staring at our fingertips. Option here to grab our back foot if it is in your practice, if not keeping our arms straight behind us. Cartwheeling your hands on either side of your foot, we're gonna curl our right toes underneath us coming into a high crescent lunge. Exhale opening up to warrior two, inhale flipping your hands, reversing your warrior. Exhale coming into a side angle, placing your left elbow on top of your left knee gazing upwards and inhale. Straightening that front leg, lengthening through your arms, finding this triangle pose. Cartwheeling our hands on either side of our foot, we're going to put the weight into our left foot, lifting up strong through this standing split. Our right foot is straight and lengthened. Feeling strong here, not giving up on this pose, remembering again, when we are devoted to God, God is devoted to us. And lowering that down, coming into low lunge, inhaling our arms up, exhale bringing our hands on either side of our foot, curling our toes underneath us, lowering down halfway, inhale upward facing dog and exhale downward facing dog. We're gonna inhale our left leg high, exhale bringing our left knee to our left wrist, coming into pigeon. Sitting up tall, gazing up at the sky, and falling forward onto our forearms. From here, coming up, springing our right leg to meet our left leg. We are going to come into a seated position. I'm going to face you guys so you can see. We're gonna inhale arms up, exhale falling forward. Slowly coming up, inhale up, and exhale falling to the side. Taking our gaze to our right pinky, really shifting our shoulders square with our mat, so we're getting a nice side body stretch here. Inhaling both arms up and switching to the opposite side, drawing our right pinky down to the floor, our gaze is at our left pinky and we are squaring off our shoulders here. Inhale coming up, and exhale bringing our hands heart center. Straightening out our legs, we are going to slowly come to a lying position down onto our mat. We're gonna walk our feet close to our bum. We're gonna take our right foot and place it on top of our left ankle, grabbing our left shin with both of our hands and drawing that closer to our chest. Slowly releasing that, switching feet, this time our left foot is on our right knee, and we are grabbing our right shin and drawing that closer to our chest. Placing both feet down onto our mat, we're just gonna do a couple windshield wipers here and back and forth. Inhale bringing both knees to our chest, our nose to our knees, giving ourself a big hug. Slowly releasing all limbs flat onto the floor, coming into our final pose, Shavasana. Begin to wiggle your fingers and wiggle your toes, bringing your arms up and over, grabbing your right wrist with your left hand, and twisting to the side. Falling to the side, inhale. Flipping the grip, our right hand is gonna grab our left wrist, and falling to the opposite side. One last good morning stretch and slowly one vertebrae at a time, come rolling to sit up at the top of your mat. One last inhale and exhale. I just want you to remember when we are devoted in life we are able to accomplish so many things. When we stay devoted to our yoga practice, we progress, when we stay devoted to God, we feel God's love. And thank you so much for practicing with me. Namaste.


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