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The Secret To Divine Love

The Secret To Divine Love

Feeling loved isn’t hard—you’ve been practicing your whole life

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- [Henry Ammar] You're looking for love. Everybody's looking for love. And by the end of this video I will show you a simple way to connect to a deeper love and a deeper even spiritual connection than you've ever experienced. It's crazy how a stranger can become the most important person in your life. Like I think about my wife at one point my wife was just someone I'd never met than someone that I saw and an acquaintance and a good friend. And now the most important person in my life and I cannot imagine life without her. And as I think about relationships in my life, ones that I'm close to, I realize there are five common things that make that relationship what it is. First, it's time. Think about somebody that you're the closest with, someone you feel really connected with. How much quality time have you spent with them? A lot of times we feel like we're too busy for something. What busy means, it's a matter of priorities. It means that something else is more important than this. Second one is communication. Think about that person that's close to you. What kind of communication do you have? Is it authentic? Is it deep? Which conversations have you had that have brought you closer? Were those really real? Were those open? Were those honest? You see, the type of communication we have with somebody determines the closeness of that relationship and how close we will become. Number three is sharing space. Think about places that you've gone and shared space with that person that you're close with, right? What moments, what experiences did you have with them? You're like, oh, that was a day, or a moment, an experience that we had that brought us closer. Sharing space with someone is so important in relationship. Number four, service. They're two different types of service. First is giving service. The second one is receiving service. Think of a moment that you gave them something, you served them, you gave them something that they wanted and how much closer did they feel to you? Or a moment that they stepped up in your life they served you at a moment when you needed it. Or just because they wanted to show their affection to you, how did you feel about them after that? And number five is love. And for this one I want you to think of a time when you know maybe you did something that wasn't the smartest thing to do in that relationship or in your life and they still showed up for you. They were still there for you in that moment. How much closer did you feel knowing that they cared for you in those moments you needed them? And I want you to take those things, I want you to copy paste it to your relationship with God, with the Divine, with the universe, whatever you wanna call it. The cool thing is, wherever you are if you apply these principles consistently your relationship will get stronger. What kind of quality time could you spend and make for that connection that you have? So when you make time for something that will connect you, that'll align you to more peace, to more love, to more presence that'll affect every other of your life. What if you just were able to have that communication? Whether it's prayer or meditation, or just sitting in nature, or chanting or singing, whatever that is for you. You know, to me, when I first started communicating with God, it was for me, right? I felt like I was talking to myself. But when I did it consistently and I just started listening and I started to experience a different experience the more I did it just like you do in relationships. Where do you feel closest to the Divine, to God? Where do you feel the closest? Is it nature? Is it church? Is it a temple? Go back to a moment where you felt the most connected or maybe somewhere you think you could feel connected. And how could you make time to be there? And when you're there, connect and communicate authentically. As you've done it unto the least of these, you've done it unto me. That's God saying, "If you've done it to other people, "it's like you're doing it to me." And so if I can give love to people and I can give them this beautiful source of healing and also receiving, right? Like re allowing yourself to receive love, or receive service and receive it with gratitude. Because science and spirituality all say when you're in the feeling of gratitude, you're in tune. You're the most intuitive and that connects you. What if you allowed yourself to know that right now, no matter what you've done in the past, no matter where you've been, that you're loved right now as you are, and that God loves you, the universe, whatever you wanna call it. Like I, I say that 'cause I want to leave it open to you. God loves you where you are and loves you enough not to keep you where you are. It changed my perspective, because some of us grew up in these cultures that teach us like you have to earn this love or you have to be this thing 'cause maybe that's how we grew up in our families or life. But the beautiful part about the Divine, in God, is you're loved right now.

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