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[Sade Jones, Wellness Coach] Hi, my name is Sade Jones, and I wanna invite you to write about the divine feminine today. The divine feminine extends well beyond one system of beliefs and can be used as a spiritual lens to balance our perspective. It should be looked at as a breath of fresh air, especially in this patriarchal spiritual realm that we're used to in life and in upbringing. The divine feminine focuses on rest, rebirth, self-exploration, creativity, and cultivating who you are. So grab your journal and a pen, a notebook, your tablet, whatever you use to write with. I got some questions for you that I'm excited to share and explore with you. Where do I want to find more balance in my life? What new thing do I want to bring into my life? This could be a new hobby, something that you've been wanting to do for a while that you haven't done. Something that you've been hesitant to do, or there's a fear coming up. What is that? What is that thing? What new thing do I want to bring into the world? So what new gift do you wanna give to the world? What do you wanna share that no one has seen from you? What part of my power needs to be given more attention? How do you best reset to find your flow? How can I add that reset to my self-care routine? So that thing that you do sometimes to take a break or reset yourself, how can you implement that daily? So you always have that and you hone that in. What conditions in your life have to line up in order to make you feel like you're going with the flow?


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