One of my favorite parts of the day is watching the sunset. Purples, pinks, oranges melt together in the sky, a brilliant painting straight from heaven. My soul always feels a little more full, and my heart a little closer to God. Peace and tranquility.Recently, these moments have taken on even deeper meaning as I lost my thirteen-year-old sister, Mariah, in a tragic car accident earlier this month. She was a brilliant artist. I’d like to think Mariah is painting the sky each night.My younger sis taught me the joy and value of creation. She was constantly baking up homemade goodies and sharing with others or painting a new canvas to bring light to her family. She loved to create organized spaces and shared her creative interior design ideas often. Her smile was the most influential of all her abilities to create—everywhere, she shared her inner light and created a world full of greater joy and laughter.I’ve thought a lot about creation since her passing and how it fosters connection—connection with others, oneness with our spiritual self, and connection to a higher being.

Connection With Others

As we tap into our spiritual gift of creation, it allows our souls to unite with others. We find common ground and can enjoy the benefits of new friends and closer relationships. Whether it be in drama club or a design team at work, discovering your creative passions provides an outward connection.Jay Weiss, a therapist at Henry Ford Health System, teaches the importance of this outward connection: “We need close bonds to sustain ourselves. They energize us, elevate our mood, encourage activity, boost the immune system, and increase longevity.”Connection is valuable. But when you add creation to that connection, there is an even more powerful energy and bond. I started dabbling in string art because of this exact feeling. A couple of years ago, my sisters and I wanted to try something new--and each of us created a string art piece to hang in our homes. Every time I see the piece on my wall, it brings a deep connection with my sisters, even though we are all in different states—and now, one in heaven. Creating together connects souls.

Connecting With Your Authentic Self

Each of us are creators—in how we organize the space we live in, in the hobbies we engage in, in the relationships we strive to develop. But as we dedicate more devoted, quiet time to the art of creation, we will develop confidence in our spiritual identity and find more peace in the mundane tasks of life.How does being creative accomplish all this for us? Exercising creativity requires us to surrender at least a portion of our emotional and rational filters and to explore our true feelings. The further we explore, the closer we get to that deepest, spiritual dimension.Allowing ourselves to put aside distractions and connect with our spiritual core through creation gives us the opportunity to know our authentic self more clearly. Try learning an instrument. Maybe you’ll learn you love the peace that music brings. Write your innermost thoughts—they will often lead the way into understanding your deeper self. No matter how you choose to create, do it with your heart. Turning inward and discovering your authentic self is a beautiful process.

Connection to God

An important part of this process of discovering your authentic self is creating a deeper connection with God. Creating helps us leave behind the distractions of the world and focus our minds and souls on something deeper—a higher power.Artists understand the importance of “flow state,” defined as “the mental state in which a person performing some activity is fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus, full involvement, and enjoyment in the process of the activity” (according to Wikipedia). The flow state of mind combines the concept of mindfulness and meditation. As we make time to enter the flow state of mind, our creativity will increase, and our connection to God deepens.Creating and meditation/prayer hold several parallels, drawing us nearer to the ultimate Creator. Prayer peels away the layers of stress and worldly focus. We can connect with a higher being as we speak or think our deepest emotions. Art or music, or writing enables us to leave behind distractions. Through these mediums, we can express our emotions to the world, alleviating stress and bringing a greater measure of peace.Maybe your creative juices are lacking. Don’t worry. We all have moments when we have poor connection. There are many tips online about boosting your creativity. Find which ones work best for you…and then get your paint on. Happy creating!

Jan 29, 2022

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