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Welcome to this last step of this course, "Journaling for Beginners." I'm so happy you've come this far. I'm so excited about this exercise. So before we get started, grab a pen and a paper or your journal and come back to this video. Okay, so in this exercise, we'll start off with a short meditation practice, mostly some deep breathing just to get ourselves settled in and more into the present moment. You will have your eyes closed and I will give you the cue once I will start reading the journal prompts. Now, as I read each journal prompt, you will have one minute to write out your answer. And if you need more time, simply pause this video and come back to it when you're finished with your answer. Once you're finished with your answer, you will once again close your eyes and take a couple of deep breaths before you answer the second question. Before you open your eyes and start writing your answer, allow yourself for a moment or two just for the answer to formalize itself in front of you. So as I read a prompt, remain with your eyes closed for a moment or two, allow for the answer to form itself. And once you feel like you have the answer, open your eyes and write it down in your journal. Now the prompts will be written on the screen as well, so you can always pause the video and write down the question as well. Okay, let's get started. I invite you to find a quiet or a semi quiet place. Once you're in that place, find a comfortable position, sitting down, chest open, back straight, with your journal or a piece of paper right next to you. And once you're settled into your position, slowly and gently allow your eyes to close. Okay. Now let's connect to the present moment by following our breath, following every inhale and exhale, not thinking about the breath before this one or the one afterwards. Simply being with the current breath. And let's slowly deepen our breath by counting to four for every inhale and six for every exhale. First, fully exhale to really create space for the new, fresh air, exhaling completely and inhale, two, three, four. Exhale, two, three, four, five, six. Another inhale two, three, four. And a complete, heavy, deep exhale, three, four, five, six. Another inhale, two, three, four, and exhale, two, three, four, five, six. Okay. Do a couple of more rounds on your own, still counting every inhale to four and exhale to six. And when you've exhaled, allow your breath to flow naturally now. We're still following each inhale and exhale but you are letting go of any control. Not trying to control anything anymore, just allowing your breath to be as it is. Gently creating space for the questions to come. Now, as I read this prompt, remember to keep an open mind. So sometimes our thinking mind likes to interrupt our thinking process with the things we should be thinking. See if you can recognize when that happens and stick with the answer that first came to you. So whatever first comes to you as an answer, simply write that down. Don't judge yourself and don't expect any certain outcome of yourself. Simply allow the process to be as it is. The best way to get to know ourselves is to allow ourselves to emerge. Okay. Let's take one breath together. And getting ready for the first question. What are you still not letting go of that is no longer serving you? What do you need to make more time for at the moment? What is something you expect to receive from others? Do you receive that from yourself? And in what ways? Where and when do you feel the most like yourself? How can you create more of that? Once again, close your eyes, come back to your breath for a moment. Let's together take a couple of deep breaths, guided by our intuition. Just deep, deep inhales and heavy, long exhales. Maybe even sighing out on the exhales. Letting go, surrendering to the moment. Okay. Gently, slowly, you can open your eyes. Okay. Now I want to give you a moment here to reflect on your answers and see if there is anything new that came up for you. Something you didn't expect or you did expect. Whatever happened, accept your experience as it is. These prompts are just the beginning of your journaling journey. They were here to offer you ways to release some of the obvious blocks that might be happening inside of you. At the end of this video you will also find various journal prompts from the different styles of journaling that we mention in this course. I invite you to write them down in your journal and slowly go through them and see which ones resonate with you and which ones not so much. Choose the ones that feel the most like you and stick with them. I recommend journaling daily, but that's really up to you and how you feel like your journaling practice should look like. Thank you once again for joining me in this journey. I'm very grateful that you participated and I hope to see you in maybe another course as well.

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