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Hi, it's me . In the last session we broke down no, and how it made us feel. I wanna say it's okay to put yourself first. Saying no to something is saying yes to something else. Saying no to a friend, a coworker, a relative, is essentially saying yes to ourselves, our alignment, and our peace of mind. I also wanna acknowledge that saying no, especially when you're first starting with spiritual practice, can be difficult and uncomfortable, but I promise you, it gets better in time. I say no all the time for myself in my relationship with God, and it's still difficult, but again, it gets better. So let's get into this journal prompt again, feel free to pause, take as much time as you'd like. First question. What would feel freeing to say no to? How can you put yourself first without feeling guilty? What boundaries can you set up to help make saying no easier? How might your life feel different if you honored yourself and said no when you wanted?

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