“You, yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.” BuddhaWhether you’re worn out from constant work demands or over-stimulated from your active social life, self-care is a vital part of rejuvenating your soul. Deep, healing breaths. Guided meditation. Journaling. There are numerous ways to re-fill your cup…and it’s vital you do so. Just like our bodies get worn out after a long day, your spiritual core will weaken if you don’t show it a little love.

Self-Care For the Soul

Recently I’ve been contemplating the spectrum of self-care. On one end, we’ve got ways to treat ourselves that make us feel good. Binge watching a favorite show. Grabbing an ice cream after a hard day. An afternoon at the spa. I call this “idle self-care.” Idle self-care indulges your immediate gratification. A quick fix. A mood-booster. But a distraction. This type of self-care promotes stagnation and can detract from your spiritual progression. There’s certainly nothing wrong with the occasional treat or lazy day. But idle self-care is best in moderation.On the other end of the spectrum, we have the type of self-care that will help you be good. Proactive self-care is soul care. Digging deep through reflective journaling. Exercising to release endorphins. Learning a new skill you’ve always dreamed of. Soul care ignites your inner light and helps you continue on the path to becoming your true, spiritual self. Often, this type of self-care takes more effort—which is why idle self-care tends to be our go-to. Idle self-care is reactive to the circumstances around us; proactive self-care enables us to take control of our spiritual wellness. Engaging in activities that help you progress on your spiritual journey are the best ways to take care of you.

What Soul Care Fits You?

Spiritual self-care (soul care) helps us align our lives with our core values. We each choose to live our lives emphasizing various morals that stem from our core values. Without specific self-care that nourishes our unique spiritual core, our spiritual wellness will be compromised. Below are different types of soul care that will help stabilize our spiritual cores. Take a minute and evaluate what best fits you.

  1. Reflective Soul Care: If you are a pensive individual that values serenity and oneness between mind, body, and spirit—you might just benefit from reflective soul care. This type of self-care includes journaling, meditation, positive quality lists, and dedicated time to prayer and pondering. You may also find the best way to take care of yourself is by nurturing your connection with heaven.
  2. Inspirational Soul Care: Inspirationalists need self-care that is a little more invigorating. Reading sacred text that provides motivation and drive. Starting a new hobby to tune in to your creative potential. Exercising regularly to treat your body (your spirit’s home) with respect. This type of soul care often leads to goal setting and finding greater inspiration to become your true spiritual self. Individuals who benefit most from inspirational soul care value progression and self discipline.
  3. Relational Soul Care: Maybe you fill your cup through other people. Frequent social nights. Service in the community. Heart-to-hearts with a roommate. Your soul cherishes attributes such as charity and selfless service. Relational soul care focuses on your soul’s connection with someone else. Self-care doesn’t have to be just me, myself, and I.

Each of us gets depleted in various ways and at different rates. And each of us needs to re-fill and rejuvenate our soul in our own way. Remember to engage in proactive self-care to help strengthen your spiritual core. Goodbye junk food, hello journaling. Or a quick run. Or a good book. You pick.

Feb 17, 2022

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