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So now I wanna dig into the spiritual aspect of no. No is beautiful, no is healing, and no is also a complete sentence. Okay, I might be getting ahead of myself with that one. If telling someone no without an explanation feels too intense to start, you can always go with a kind but gentle no. For example, if someone wants to hop on a phone call with you after a long day and you simply don't have the energy, instead of just saying no, you can do a gentle no. For example, "Hey, I'm so happy you had a great day and I'd love to hear about it, but no, I've had a long day, and I wouldn't be able to give you my best at this moment. Let's reschedule." Boom, you said no gently and with ease. You put yourself first, and that's beautiful. So how does this come into play spiritually? In order to give the way God intended us to, we need to be able to love ourselves first. You can't take the speck out of your brother's eye until we take the plank out of our own eye, right? We all know that one. That right there is God telling us to put ourselves first. That's self-care. That's how I perceive it anyway. So saying no is self-care. It takes discipline, courage, and grace. When you say no to something, you say yes to yourself. How does it feel to say yes to yourself? Does putting yourself first make you feel aligned? How can saying no make you feel connected to the higher power? In what ways do you feel supported by God when you set a boundary with others? Repeat these five affirmations. I am comfortable saying no to others without guilt. I'm confident in my ability to say no. I'm supported by the higher power to love myself. Saying no is becoming easier. I am transforming into someone who is confident and firm, yet gentle with others.

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