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[Sade Jones, Wellness Coach] Meditation has changed my life. For the most part, we all know the benefits of meditation; lowered stress, improved focus, the practice reduces anxiety, it can make you feel more connected, calm, it can keep you present and in the moment; something I'm totally working on. Meditation is a wonderful spiritual self-care practice. I love guided meditations, heart meditations, I love putting on music that aligns with my chakra, especially ones that are out of balance, and meditating to that to get them back in balance. Here are a few questions on meditation. Enjoy. How can meditation lead to happiness? What does meditation mean to you? Does meditation connect you to the higher power? And if yes, how? Can meditation assist in self soothing? If yes, how so? What inspires you to meditate? Thank you for joining me on the skylight app.


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