Life can become pretty hectic, and with the climates of the world today, it’s easy for us to become distracted in maintaining our spiritual connections. Quietness is a part of spiritual discipline, and we need it to make sure we are still able to hear the voice of a higher power when life becomes too loud.Finding quietness isn’t an optional part of your spiritual journey. Your ability to be well in this world while remaining balanced depends on your power to find quietness. Quietness is restorative. It promotes innovation, a healthy perspective, and concentration. Quietness will help ease outside stresses from continuing to weigh you down, and it will also foster a greater appreciation for being present.It may seem scary if you aren’t used to incorporating quietness into your daily routine. It can be hard to be alone with our thoughts sometimes. When we practice quietness, it causes us to slow down, and we become aware of what’s going on in our present lives.Getting into the habit of practicing quietness will allow you to become alive again. It’s your reset button when the world around you becomes unruly, and by making it a priority, you choose to live a life of mindfulness and self-compassion.If you get to a place where you are struggling to find quietness, let these tips be your foundation in creating a safe place for solitude, reflection, and consciousness.

Make quietness a priority.

Just like you would with taking a shower in the morning or eating dinner, quietness needs to be made a priority in your daily life. It needs to be infused into your day, and no matter what, it needs to happen. Look at it as part of the list of things your body needs daily. Evaluate how you spend 24 hours each day. Seeing how you are spending your time, or areas, where you may not be making the best use of it, will help you plan out time to devote to quietness. Be reasonable with yourself, even if you spend 10 minutes to practice quietness, a higher power will still be able to recognize your heart, and that will always be honored.

Find your daily ritual that promotes quietness.

Get creative with finding your spiritual rhythm for quietness. Whether it’s mediation, praying, journaling, or taking a walk, find at least one daily ritual that you can use to practice quietness. There is no one way to spend time with a higher power, and when you intend to stay connected, you will find just how easy it can be to infuse these daily rituals into your life. This is your unique and divine time, and it doesn’t have to look like anyone else’s.

Listen with intention.

As you practice quietness, you must be intentionally listening and be present in your stillness. Be still and listen to the quietness. Your thoughts may scream at you, but you must turn them to a higher power. The chaos and noise will eventually settle, and you will be able to rest in your quiet moment. Calmness will soak into your soul, and you will restore clarity back into your mind. Breathe fresh energy into your body and move your attention from your eyes to your heart.

Learn to return.

Knowing how and when to return to peace is a helpful tool in practicing quietness. Recalling a peaceful experience where you were in a calm or stillness state will allow you to transition your mind to quiet. Maybe you remember the power the waves carried as they rushed onto the shore of a beach, the relaxation you felt during a massage at a spa, or even the way trees sounded brushing against each other on a crisp fall day. Being able to recall these moments develops your ability to return to peace even in hectic moments.You need quietness in your life. If you struggle with finding stillness, practicing quietness will take you from a human doing to a human being. It revitalizes your innermost being and cultivates a soulful connection between you and a higher power.Quietness allows you to make more room to notice what matters most in life while filtering out the negativity and superficial aspects. Your perspective will shift to work in your favor, and you will be less likely to be reactive to the things that are trying to break you.Adding in more quiet time might be difficult at first, but once you can carve out this time, you will begin to see the differences these moments of quietness can make in your life.

Jan 8, 2022
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