In a world increasingly driven by digital interactions and global uncertainty, anxiety has become a prevalent issue among Millennials and Generation Z. These younger generations are facing unique challenges that significantly impact their mental health. At Skylight, we have made it our mission to ease the anxieties and stress of todays young adults with spiritual wellness. Our research of this unique group  of 18-35 year olds has led us to understanding the inner workings of their lives and specifically their anxiety.

Today we’ll talk about the complex relationship between anxiety and modern life, exploring how societal shifts, technological advancements, and personal pressures contribute to heightened anxiety levels. We will also examine the innovative ways in which technology, particularly our app Skylight, is being utilized to manage and mitigate these feelings, providing young adults with tools to cope effectively.

What does anxiety mean to young adults?

Young adults describe anxiety as something physical, where they feel nervous. Sometimes they physically feel anxiety through short breaths or headaches. Anxiety is paralyzing for them, trapping them in an endless loop of the unknown and being unable to make a decision. If their anxiety is too strong, they can’t control it and are constantly seeking answers or a way to comfort them in their anxiety.

Why are Millenials and GenZ experiencing increased anxiety?

There are many different factors in the increase of anxiety among young adults. The Covid-19 pandemic really flipped their world, causing feelings of isolation, depression, and stress from being stuck at home or away from home. They hold lots of anxiety from this collective trauma and it’s continued to impact their daily lives.

There are also lots of different stages of life that this group we nicknamed “zillenials” are currently going through. Each stage brings different things to be anxious about. Younger zillenials are worried about school and figuring out their futures, while older zillenials might be starting families. Young adults in general are also anxious about the state of the world and other people. They are mentally checked in to political issues from wars to the upcoming election. With all of this in mind, it’s safe to say that zillennial’s daily lives combined with the constant bombardment on social media of all sorts of unrest increases their anxiety.

The Relationship Between Anxiety and Technology

Anxiety and technology do have some correlation. We’ve never been more connected in the world’s history, but we’re also more disconnected. Technology is like ice cream. You really love it but if you have too much of it, it can be bad for you causing a stomach ache or a brain freeze. The phrase “everything in moderation” comes to mind when you think about technology.

Technology can help you manage anxiety but can also feed into the negativity. For example, if you are anxious about the upcoming election, you will continue to keep consuming news about the election and thus technology aids in that anxiety. It’s important to stay away from doom scrolling and focus on using technology for the great things in life, like long-distance instant communication!

The Danger of Ignoring your Anxiety

Unfortunately, anxiety doesn’t go away when you down’t acknowledge it. Overtime, if you continue to ignore your anxiety, your mood gets worse impacting your relationships and even your sleep. Long term, when you hold your anxiety in your body gets put under a lot of stress and your heart and brain health can suffer. Your memory and clarity can decline thus impacting your ability to make important decisions, which only increases your anxiety.

How to Cope with your Anxiety

Some ways young adults cope with their anxiety is through journaling, hiking, playing games, music, and therapy. These are all healthy ways to cope with anxiety. However, there are also unhealthy ways of coping, as mentioned above. Shutting down, not addressing your feelings, not talking about your feelings, obsessively engaging in something, doom scrolling, and ignoring your anxiety are all unhealthy ways to cope.

At Skylight, we ask ourselves, “How do we get people to cope in a healthy way that’s good for them?” Our solution backed by science and data is our app, the Skylight app! There you can find short meditations, breathing exercises, prayers, affirmations, and tons of other spiritual practices to help ease your anxiety and calm your mind. According to Skylight users, these exercises have a somatic response, their breathing evens out and they can slow down their racing thoughts. These exercises help you stay grounded and stop spiraling into dangerous thought patterns. Our short, free, and easy to access exercises are made for you, for young adults and their anxiety!


As we navigate the nuanced terrain of anxiety among young adults today, it becomes evident that while technology can exacerbate stress, it also offers valuable solutions for managing it. Skylight serves as a beacon of support, offering meditation and grounding techniques that help users regain control over their mental well-being. By adopting healthy coping mechanisms, such as those facilitated by Skylight, young adults can address their anxieties constructively, preventing long-term adverse effects on their health and lifestyle. Understanding and addressing these issues is crucial not only for individual health but for fostering a more resilient and mentally aware generation.

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Apr 23, 2024
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