At The Spirituality Project, we’re collecting stories about moments of Divine connection. These stories about answered prayers are from our growing trove. If you have one to share, we want to hear it! Don’t have a life-changing story? Don’t worry, we love the simple stories just as much. Submit yours here.

“One night I got lost with no cell service, barely able to see in the pouring rain, on rural roads with no streetlights. Eventually I prayed for help finding my way, and a couple of minutes later heard a voice in my head say, “Turn here.” I caught a glimpse of a driveway, turned into it, and realized I was where I needed to be. It struck me in that moment how powerful it was that the God of the whole universe was paying enough attention to me to help me find the right place.” -Jade, USA

“I remember one time I was late catching the bus, (15 -20 minutes) And it meant I'd have to reschedule for a different day if I missed it. I was rushing over to the bus station and I prayed, “Lord if you hold this bus there at the depot I'll know you hear me and have did a miracle for me.” Sure enough, when I'd got there the bus was still there. I'm not sure why they were so late leaving but for me it was the Lord God hearing my prayer and giving me a miracle.” -Will, Kansas City, USA

“I remember being pregnant with my first child and isolated. I was in an interracial marriage that no one approved of. I never had a baby before, and being so all alone was getting to me, so I would cry myself to sleep many nights. One night, I prayed. I said, "God I don't need much...I just want someone to hold me." I can't explain what happened next, but all I know is that I felt like I was being cradled in someone's arms and I was still all alone. I slept like a baby that night. I knew in my heart that had to be God and that God answers prayers...even the times we think God is not listening.” -Anonymous, Miami, USA

“God heard me during a difficult time. I was a 21-year-old victim of a violent carjacking. I had a nice BMW with rims and a sound system you could hear a mile away. One night, I stopped at a local convenience store and as I was getting out of my car I noticed a guy running towards me, pointing a gun at my head, telling me to, "GET ON THE GROUND. " Another guy ran and jumped in my car. I heard the guy standing over me say, “What do you want me to do with him?” and the driver said, "I DON’T CARE, KILL HIM." This guy could have decided if you lived or died. I prayed, “Lord please don't let him shoot me in my head. If he kill me, let my momma have a open casket.” All the fear had left, then I heard the click of the gun, and another click. I got up and ran, then I heard shots and glass shattering right in front of and behind me. Once I was safe, I thanked the Lord and knew what I truly meant to Him. I promised myself to always speak His name, and before I give up, I will look up.” -Lawrence, Allen, USA

“I spent a summer during college working in the mountains of New Mexico where I had a truly pivotal experience. I especially loved the sunsets that were like a fire in the sky every night. I knew, as the time got closer, that leaving this special mountain home at the end of the summer was going to be challenging, so I prayed that God would ease the transition. When I flew home, I landed right at dusk. As I waited to get off the plane, I looked out the window and was stunned to see a breathtaking sunset - just like the ones in New Mexico. I felt like that sunset was just for me. I knew God was reminding me that He was with me and aware of me.” -Heather, Vernal, USA

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Jul 29, 2022

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