Love is a key part of our spiritual wellness and growth. We use love to measure how we’ve grown spiritually by being able to look closely at how love is reflected in our lives. Having a consciousness of love determines who we love, how we love, and how we experience the joy of it.We often rob ourselves of experiencing love because we either don't understand it or haven't experienced enough of it, if at all. We forget that we deserve to be loved despite our shortcomings, where we have been in life, and where we are going.You deserved to be love. Whether it comes from your family, friends, partners, even from yourself, you are deserving of having loving connections in your life. You need love in your life. Love is an essential part of your being and experiencing love in your life keeps you spiritually grounded. To live a life where you can recognize love and be more accepting to receive it, you must first see yourself worthy of experiencing it.Accepting this open invitation to let love into your life will allow you to experience connections that are abundant, eternal, and without conditions. Love plays an important role in maintaining your spiritual wellness and choosing to let love into your life is going to involve some work on your part. Use these three tips as your guide to learning how to love and allowing yourself to be loved.

Face your true self.

The first thing you must address is how you view yourself. What do you see when you look in the mirror? Are you in love with what you see? Do you even like what you see? Are you running away from yourself? To have the capacity to extend yourself to love, you must be able to love yourself. Self- love means that you are consciously protecting your well-being and happiness. Self-love means that when you look in the mirror, you can fully embrace and love every inch of what makes you. A great way to practice self-love is to get in the habit of practicing self-care. Self- care is any activity you do to keep a balanced mind, body, and soul.

Commit to letting go and forgiveness.

You can no longer afford to keep sweeping things that are eating away at your soul underneath the rug. You have to address it now and move on. Treating your pain means fully accepting it. It means allowing yourself to feel those emotions of sadness, loss, or grief. Give those emotions a name and come to terms with them. Acknowledge that those emotions are valid, and because you want to free yourself to let love in, you cannot take that pain with you. There is no room for it.When you decide to let go of things that have hurt you and extend forgiveness, it doesn't mean you forget what happened, but that you're choosing to let go of the hurt and move on to a better place. You are moving on to love. Forgiveness will change your life. It's not easy, but you can do it. Doing this will reveal your inner strength. It allows you to focus on the present, restores compassion (an essential part of love), and brings peace into your life.

Allow love to happen.

If you aren't willing to allow love to happen in your life, it won't, but if you allow love to enter your life, that is what you will attract. If you continue to blame your past, it may never happen. If you continue to blame others, it may never happen. Love is for everyone, and it looks like many different things. The secret to experiencing love is moving toward a state of “being” that is loving.Love will reveal something about you that you may have never known. Love is a reformer and a teacher. There are valuable life lessons in love. You deserve to have everything you want, and once you have entirely opened yourself up to having love in your life, you will realize it's all you need.Love inspires us, it motivates us and gives us a sense of purpose in life. Love is the most powerful force in the universe, and there is spiritual power in your ability to cultivate love. There are no limits to love and what it can do in your life. Love can be transformative healing when you feel broken or when your faith has been shattered. Your spiritual wellness depends on your ability to give and receive love. Trust yourself to allow love in and witness how love can inspire a fulfilling spiritual bill of health.

Dec 15, 2021

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