Life is busy. You’re being pulled in too many directions, feeling overstretched and overwhelmed. Hang in there, my friend. Taking time to connect with the universe and creating space for God in your busy schedule will be invaluable. These moments of quiet and calm will make the other, more chaotic, moments run smoothly. This time of rest and rejuvenation will give you the drive you need to tackle the rest of your day. We know your time is precious, and so being intentional about your spirituality is a skill worth learning.

Are You Intentional?

“Intentional living is a lifestyle that encourages us to define our priorities, get clear on what we want from life and living every day in alignment with these priorities. In simple terms, living intentionally means deciding what you want from life and going for it!” (14 Ways to Be Intentional Every Day) You’re here, aren’t you? Which means at some level, you desire spirituality to be a priority. We are all at different places on the spiritual spectrum but being here shows you care. That your soul is important. And that you’re ready to take the next step in your spiritual journey. It means you really do desire to be intentional with your spiritual habits. I’m applauding you.Individuals who chose intentionality strive for balance in their lives by taking ownership of their responsibilities. Time management, setting and accomplishing goals, and consistency are all important to an intentional person. They value planning, communication, and thorough thought processes. They show up and give their time and attention whole-heartedly. Does this sound like you? If not, now is a great time to start some of these habits. Because intentional individuals find greater satisfaction and fulfillment in all they do.

Spiritual Space

If you’re feeling like life is a bit chaotic and a little too busy, then your environment likely needs a little remodel too. It’s easier to find peace and listen to your inner voice if your space reflects your desire. It’s not realistic to have a perfectly clean home or organized work desk all of the time, but dedicating an area for sacred practices such as prayer, meditation, and reflection is a great idea.So think of a space that can be just for you and your spirituality. It doesn’t have to be the typical place like your closet or under your favorite tree. My sacred space is the piano bench. I feel closest to God when I’m creating music. My soul is filled with light and peace and goodness. Reflect on where you feel this way—and then make a habit to visit it regularly.Sacred spaces also allow deeper connection to your authentic self. They promote self-reflection and exploration of spiritual identity. Philosopher Alain de Botton shares this principle in his book The Architecture of Happiness: “Beautiful space serves as an enabler to our creative potential. It harnesses our greatest attributes and allows us to explore deeper our own abilities, to challenge what it is we are capable of achieving. Through the spaces we cultivate, we express important and integral parts of our self.” Evaluate what your space says about you. Contemplate how you can create a space just for you and God—to learn more about yourself, to feel deeper peace, and to receive guidance about the direction of your life. Start simple but start today.

Make Time For Your Higher Power

To intentionally pursue a deeper connection with God, you’ll need to dedicate time. Evaluate your daily routine and determine where you can add 5 minutes of meditation or a select time to study inspirational text. John C. Maxwell taught: “You’ll never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of your success is found in your daily routine.” It may feel like you’re just adding something to your already too full plate. But making time for God and nourishing your soul is rejuvenating, exhilarating, and energizing. All it takes is a little self-discipline on your part to squeeze in some time for spirituality. And you’ll see the remarkable outcomes and notice the life-altering effects from a closer connection with heaven. Believe in yourself and that you can accomplish everything you’re trying to balance. It will take being intentional and courage to make small changes. But take the step. And then see the blessings come.

Dec 20, 2021

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