I recently read a story about two unborn babies having a conversation in the womb. Sounds weird, I know. But stick with me—it gets good. One starts talking to the other about the post-delivery life and his excitement to meet Mother. The other is skeptical, saying this is the only life they have and Mother doesn’t exist. Their current home, the womb, is warm and safe and there is no need for anything more. The first baby then shares that Mother is all around them, providing nourishment and life—helping them grow and develop so they can enjoy post-delivery life. Which side of the story do you believe? Don’t you wish there were something more out there? Well, believe that there is. Because it’s glorious. This analogy teaches us the first step to healthy spirituality: discovering God. You’ve come to the right place to learn more.

Discover God

Baby #1 had an expanded perspective. He believed in something greater and felt his mother’s presence all around him. Creating a connection with God takes having an open mind and spirit. And that takes effort. This isn’t a new concept, however. Homer’s Odyssey from 700 BC shares an epic journey of spirituality—an exploration that takes ten years! We see multiple additional examples throughout history of seeking God and spiritual enlightenment. Each spiritual journey looks a little different and yours will too.Maybe you’ll discover God in a morning routine of meditation and studying sacred text. Or maybe you’ll feel greater love from heaven as you reach out and serve others. There are several spiritual practices that can help you create this upward connection. Take the time to learn which daily exercises best fit your personality. Your journey of discovering God is uniquely yours. What you put into this divine relationship, you’ll get out of it. So go explore. Open your eyes and stop missing out on the beauty of the universe. It’s time to get spiritually healthy. Start with just you and God.

Your Higher Power’s Purpose

What’s the point of a relationship with God? Peace. Direction. And infinite love. The mother of the two babies loved both of them, even if Baby #2 didn’t believe it. She still provided nourishment and safety as they grew. God does the same. Your Creator wants to see you become your best self, so there will always be guidance from heaven if you take the time to ask. There are a lot of voices in this world—friends, coworkers, media, trends—suggesting you take certain steps in your life. I find sweet internal peace and refreshing confidence when I make hard decisions by listening to my inner voice instead of others. So stop seeking approval from everyone else and start listening in the stillness. God is there. Happiness is another great motivator for upward connection. As your relationship with your higher power is strengthened through daily spiritual practices, you’ll find joy in the simple things of life. That doesn’t mean your life will only be filled with positive experiences. But you can have a changed perspective on life’s hardest moments and learn to appreciate the growth. One of God’s greatest purposes is to love and guide and just be there when we struggle.

Deity in the Details

God is all around us. Just open your eyes. Take a minute to recognize God’s fingerprint in the miracles that happen day in and day out. The perfect rotation of Earth around the sun so life can be sustained. The way our organs work so uniquely intertwined just so we can experience another day. Can you see God’s hand in your life?If you want to feel spiritually healthy, stop taking in the junk of the world. Notice the goodness from God instead of the negativity of the news. Start nourishing your soul with regular spiritual practices that will allow you to notice deity. Let your higher power guide you and play an intimate part in the details of your life.Deity is found within you, intricately woven into your beautiful soul. And God is understood as you think outside of yourself and connect with others. You’ll discover light and love and peace. Just observe and reach out. God is most intimately discovered as you intentionally connect with heaven. Look inward, reach outward, and connect upward. Skylight’s formula for spiritual wellness will make you whole. Just take the first step: Discover your higher power.

Dec 27, 2021

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