Remember those personality tests that flooded social media a few years ago? You could take a test to determine which Disney princess you would be or which Star Wars career you would have. Even though they wasted so much of my time, sometimes I filled one out just for fun. I realized quickly that my personality couldn’t be determined by a computer algorithm. I do believe that understanding your personality holds significant value, however. Your personality shares with the world what you value and the specific qualities that make you uniquely you. Our spiritual personalities are equally unique—we are all a little different from each other. I have a set of characteristics that make me me and you have different attributes that make you you. Learning to nurture your unique soul with specific spiritual practices is important to becoming the best version of yourself.

Your Personality as a Spiritual Being

As you take time to reflect on your true nature, you’ll have a better idea of which spiritual practices are best for you. As in all things, it’s important not to “binge” on just one type of spiritual food. But it is helpful to know which type works best for your spiritual energy. So let’s find out: which type of spiritualist are you?

  • Internalist: This type of spiritualist resolves conflict and seeks peace from within themselves. They value alone time to learn from a higher power in the stillness. An internalist engages in spiritual activities that promote self-reflection and individual work on their soul. They are typically very in-tune with their inner voice and familiar with following their intuition. Journaling, daily mantras, and prayer/meditation open the spirit of an internalist.
  • Externalist: An externalist finds fulfillment in spiritual activities such as service, group discussion about sacred text, yoga classes, or other spiritual groups. Their inner light is ignited as they interact with other spiritual beings and have the opportunity to serve and share their beliefs. They typically like to share with others about their spiritual journey and follow their intuition naturally. Their brains and spirits have a harder time finding peace in the quiet but thrive as they are engaged in doing good outside of themselves.
  • Divinitist: If you are constantly seeking ways to connect with God, you’re likely a divinitist. Your soul regularly feels an upward pull to the universe and you are confident that there is something bigger and better out there. Your belief in a higher power guides the direction of your life and you find peace in sacred places that connect your soul upward. Powerful spiritual practices for a divinitist include prayer and meditation, listening to inspirational music, and enjoying the beautiful outdoors.

Take time to consider which spiritualist you resonate with the most. Understanding your spiritual personality will allow you to find deeper peace and regular guidance as you engage in the correlating practices.

Learning to Love Others Different From You

There was a time in my life when I was working closely with an associate regarding a spiritual matter. We kept butting heads and driving away the peace and love that should come in the pursuit of spiritual light. One day, we realized just how different we were and decided to learn from each other instead of fixating on our differences. As I learned from my internalist friend, I discovered that being an externalist wasn’t the only correct way to practice spirituality. She taught me to be intentional in creating quiet moments and to value the gift of rest and rejuvenation. I discovered how to hear my inner voice more frequently and learned from my associate the value of stillness. When we both stopped fighting the fact that we were not the same spiritualists, we experienced something miraculous. Sharing how we individually—and very differently—engaged in spiritual practices allowed us to learn new spiritual skills. I found my soul expanding with greater fulfillment and love once we broke down these walls. Eventually, I came to greatly admire and respect her. She is a master internalist. But learning to love someone so different than yourself is no easy task. It takes repeated attempts to “be in their shoes,” to see the world as they do. Discovering others’ spiritual nature allows you to interact with them in a way that will be beneficial to both you and them. It’s similar to communication preferences or love languages. Understanding someone in a spiritual sense means meeting them where they are at and reaching out to them in their own unique way.The world would be awfully boring if there were only people just like you. Instead of feeling frustrated due to contrasting personalities, take the opportunity to celebrate and learn from the differences. We each play an important role in this life and God created us to shine in our own unique way. Learn to let go and love more.

Dec 29, 2021

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