“Speak your truth” has become a well-known phrase to encourage someone to share their perspective and live authentically. Opening your heart and sharing your ideas is what helps create connection. And this connection feeds your soul and energizes your spirit.But how do you discover your truth?

Explore Your Spirituality

Spirituality should be an adventure. Explore the opinions and perspectives that are out there and determine what resonates with you. Discovering your truth takes effort—but it is the most important journey of your life.First, identify what you believe. Make a list of morals and values that guide your life. Reflect on the ways you feel most connected to your higher power and to your deepest self. What are you passionate about? What are your spiritual convictions?Start with what you know. And then consider the questions you have. Questions play an important role in your spiritual journey. They open doors to greater understanding and create a stronger connection to the divine. So don’t be afraid to write down or verbalize these thoughts. These questions are the roadmap to your spiritual exploration.

Seek Out Truth

To discover your truth, it’s important to search information that’s already out there. Think of what we have learned over the years as scientists have questioned previous findings. For hundreds of years, everyone thought the Earth was flat. Magellan proved that theory wrong when he circumnavigated the globe in 1519. And most recently, we’ve seen infectious disease doctors and the CDC work together to find answers on how to stop this global pandemic. The scientific method, in seeking truth, is found everywhere.So experiment with your own ideas. Share the thoughts and questions you wrote down with your higher power. Reach out to God and try to build on your current spiritual understanding. To receive guidance from God, you’ll need to tune in to your inner voice. Discover how spiritual communication works in your life. Do you best feel connected to the universe outside in nature or in a quiet, meditative space? If you need help tapping into your inner voice, this guided meditation is a great place to start.

To stay spiritually healthy, it’s important to never stop searching. We’ll always have questions—they’re a simple fact of life. But there is direction and peace and further knowledge waiting as you put in the time and effort to connect with God.

Share Your Truth

Discovery often comes through discussion. Reach out to others and welcome conversations about spiritual matters. Share your convictions, but also be vulnerable and ask questions. Remember: questions lead the way to further discovery.As you share your truth and participate in spiritual conversations, you’ll gain valuable insight—on new ideas and what you are truly passionate about. Sometimes just opening your mouth and sharing your beliefs is a signal to God that you are anxious to learn more. Be ready to enjoy a deeper connection with your higher power as you share the truths you’ve learned.

Build Confidence Through Habits

“Confidence is the most beautiful thing you can possess” -Sabrina Carpenter.

A confident person allows their spiritual identity to shine through. As you discover your truth, you’ll recognize your inner light more frequently and with greater confidence.To further your confidence in your spirituality, set goals and start simple spiritual habits. A morning routine of meditation unites your mind, body, and soul for a solid start to your day.Consistent study of spiritual text brings enlightenment. Getting outside to explore invites new and positive energy. Regularly engaging in spiritual exercises will continue to fuel your inner light. These habits will build your spiritual identity and help you confidently continue your spiritual adventure.Exploring your spirituality and discovering the truths that resonant with you will bring greater purpose and happiness into your life. Take the time and effort needed to seek out and then share truth. You won’t regret it.Oprah Winfrey taught us all about the abundant, happy life: “What I know for sure is that you feel real joy in direct proportion to how connected you are to living your truth.”

Dec 31, 2021

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