You know that feeling you get after stuffing yourself on pizza? Bloated and ready for a carb crash. Oh, and total brain fog. No one aims for this feeling, except for maybe on Thanksgiving. But that’s not the point. When you treat your body poorly, you can experience “soul fog” as well. Your inner voice gets fuzzy and it’s difficult to feel the light and energy that comes from being spiritually healthy.Caring for your physical body is vital to keeping your spirit rejuvenated. And keeping your soul refueled and refreshed brings greater happiness and peace into your daily grind. Let’s learn how to truly nourish your soul.

Food For the Soul

There are hundreds of diets out there. And we don’t endorse any of them. If you’ve found one that works for you, continue on! Skylight wants you to determine which foods make you feel best. This will take pushing past the urges of your tastebuds and listening to your body. Remember, you’re not just feeding your hungry stomach; your spirit needs proper nutrition as well.Finding the motivation to narrow down your best body foods takes a significant amount of self-respect. It takes self-discipline, which is best acquired from a foundation of self-love. When you love yourself, you want to treat your body and spirit kindly.So, experiment with new recipes and spend a little more time in the produce aisle. Focus on nutrient-dense foods and foods with a variety of colors. Add a little nutrition in your life and notice the additional self-respect and sense of accomplishment you feel. Find the right food for your soul.

Mindfulness in Eating

Much of the world eats in front of a screen. It’s natural (and easy!) to get comfy on the couch with take-out to unwind after a long day. But watching or scrolling while consuming calories takes away all mindfulness.Mindfulness encourages being present and aware of your thoughts and feelings at any given moment. It requires focused engagement in whatever you’re doing. If you aren’t mindful in your eating, it’s easy to overeat and not care about what you put in your body. Try this mindful eating exercise to lean to enjoy your meal in a whole new way.

So, pay attention to how your body feels before, during, and after a meal. Are you eating the right foods to energize you? Energy is vital for connection, and connecting with others nourishes your spirit. But eating foods that harm your body can lead to an early night, sick in bed. Listen to your body cues. Be mindful. Your spirit will thank you.

Daily Spiritual Nutrition

Just as your body needs regular nutrition, your spirit needs daily rejuvenation. Spiritual exercises fuel your soul, providing new energy and light. Explore Skylight’s app filled with a variety of exercises to determine which ones best fit you. Your tastebuds enjoy a certain flavor. So does your soul.Diets or meal plans always discuss the quality and quantity of food. So, let’s determine the “how much” and “what kind” of spiritual nutrition will benefit you most. You’ll want to engage in spiritual practices daily. Habits determine your success. Politician Colin Powell said, “If you are going to achieve excellence in big things, you develop the habit in little manners. Excellence is not an exception; it is a prevailing attitude.” Change your mindset and see the miracles happen. Regular spiritual practices result in better nutrition.It’s easier to find the motivation to do something if you enjoy it. Discover what your soul enjoys most. Maybe you feel rejuvenated after a long walk in nature. Or maybe you’re the type of person who needs quiet time to journal. However, you feed your spirit, continue to do what works best for you. Skylight provides a wide spectrum of spiritual exercises so you can explore and determine what your soul craves.Once you’ve found your favorite soul food, find time for nourishment. Dedicate space for God in your busy schedule. Being spiritually healthy requires quality time connecting upward. Regular guided meditations. A quiet space for prayer. A solo walk outside, with an open heart and spirit. Whatever works best for you, start today. The more time you devote to nourishing your soul, the greater energy and light you’ll receive. Take time to feast. And enjoy the benefits of being spiritually healthy.

Jan 2, 2022

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