Ocean waves almost instantly summon peace. They roll onto the sand, and then gently crawl away. When you’re at the beach, it’s hard not to admire the waves or to get lost in their meditative, rhythmic song. There are tens of thousands of creatures beneath the surface, and endless space above the horizon. The expanse of the ocean extends your vision, inviting you to think bigger. The beach is a place where you can connect with God. Celebrate Earth Day at the beach on the Skylight app.

The “Come Journal with Me: Beach” activity gives you an opportunity to connect with your higher power through a written meditation. You can be at the beach without actually being there, through fifteen uninterrupted minutes of an O‘ahu shoreline. You don’t only get to hear the ocean, you get to see it, too. So when you find yourself dreaming about your next beach vacation, or just needing an escape from the stresses of your everyday life, you can have a taste of the beach in your pocket to pull out anytime. The exercise is made to inspire you to record your thoughts and feelings without feeling rushed, like the consistent, unhurried waves coming into shore. Just let the ocean rock you to a place of stillness, and then write what comes to mind.

If you find yourself stumped, don’t worry. You can begin with this question: What emotion do I feel right now, and why do I feel it? For example, I feel grateful because the sunset is beautiful in a way I can’t explain. So grab a pen and some paper, open the app, and find God at the beach.

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Apr 22, 2022

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