The definition of hope differs for everyone and depends on the person. It’s a part of everyone’s life, because everyone hopes for something. Hope is the ability to see beyond what is. It’s the manifestation and belief in infinite possibilities and outcomes. For some, it’s spiritualized and grounded in faith. For others, it means viewing challenges as opportunities. Regardless, it’s an inherent part of the human experience. Hope helps us define what we want in our lives and futures—it’s weaved into the self-narrative that we all have running inside our minds.Hope is a noun, but also a verb—because it can also be an action - something you intentionally choose or do. That could be standing up for something you believe in, offering kindness to a stranger, or holding space for a friend. It may require us to step outside of our comfort zones and take risks. Hope is a frequent companion to spiritual wellness; it can be learned and fostered through spirituality.

What is Spirituality?

Spirituality is a way to find deeper meaning, hope, comfort and inner peace in life. It can be expressed in many forms—perhaps it’s tied to a religion, a moral philosophy, or simply an inherent sense of connectedness with something greater than oneself. In any form, spirituality is always personal. The need for spiritual wellness is often downplayed as less important than emotional, physical or social wellness, but it’s truly vital to your holistic being.Spirituality asks us to expand our mind and rethink what’s possible. It opens our hearts—which allows us to give and receive connection with others and Spirit. It evokes certain attitudes that inherently provide hope. Patience: the ability to tolerate delays, trust that all is as it should be, and a willingness to let events unfold in their own time. Courage: an attitude of confidence in the midst of the unknown. And finally, persistence: the determination to keep moving forward no matter what happens.

How Spirituality Supports in Times of Transition

Everyone has hard times, but believe in a higher power that loves you, and you’ll feel cared for. Believe in a spiritual presence that guides you, and you’ll feel empowered. Believe in a spiritual presence that protects you, and you’ll feel safe. When we’re connected to a power bigger than ourselves, a power that can heal pain and provide strength when we need it most—we’re able to choose hope. We’re able to see the light at the end of the tunnel and keep moving forward.Read through these steps to regain, strengthen, and build your spiritual hope:

  1. Choose to make spirituality part of your life.
  2. Practice spiritual disciplines such as prayer, meditation, breathwork, journaling, yoga, serving others, etc. and incorporate those disciplines into your day-to-day life.
  3. Build a community of spiritual advocates and mentors.
  4. Keep an open mind, ask questions, and challenge what’s possible.
  5. Share your learnings and insights with others.
  6. Ask for help when you’re feeling doubtful or overwhelmed.

Journal Prompt

Follow the prompts below and journal your responses.

  1. How hopeful do I feel today?
  2. Describe a time when I’ve felt a spiritual force intervene on my behalf.
  3. What can I do to deepen my spirituality? Who can support me?

Spiritual hope opens us up to endless possibilities and energizes us to manifest our fullest potential for love and wisdom. Ultimately, it arises from trust in the awareness that is always and already within us. We are our own greatest teachers.

Jan 21, 2022

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