Doctor Timothy Dyches went seeking adventure with his sons in a nearby cavern one day. As they were rappelling, all lights went out and they were left in a thick blackness. He shares: “My sons and I have been left with a memory of darkness we had never known, a greater appreciation for light we will never forget, and the assurance that we are never all alone in the dark.”Many of us face moments of thick darkness in our lives. The loss of a loved one or the unexpected loss of a job brings heavy emotions. No one individual experiences grief the same way—or at the same time. As someone passes through the seven stages of grief, it’s important to love them where they are at and show an abundance of patience. Grief changes you. But grief can be a spiritual experience, even when it is heavy and dark. Focusing on your spiritual center and reigniting your inner light is the answer to surviving grief. Let’s start today.

Spiritual Practices Bring Light

When you’re in the thick of grief, it seems impossible to even get out of bed some days—let alone start a new spiritual habit. But here at Skylight, we want to help you take the first step to experience light and happiness and gratitude once again. So, stay in bed. But turn on your phone and listen to one of the spiritual exercises on the Skylight app. It’s only 3-5 minutes of your time…but they will be invaluable during this season of darkness.Spiritual exercises invite light. They bring peace. They allow you to feel God’s love, even when your higher power feels so far away. “Darkness must always surrender to even the faintest light” (Timothy Dyches).As you progress through your grief, you’ll reach a time when you can function a little more normally. This is the perfect time to resume your spiritual routine. Get back to reading inspirational books or regular walks in nature. Dedicate time to meditation and prayer. These simple spiritual practices will invite light into your life at an increasing pace. Welcome the light back in.

Invite God into Your Darkness

If you’re in a phase of grief where it feels impossible to do anything, that’s ok. There are hills and valleys in life—and these changes in mood and emotion seem a little more exaggerated with grief. So, invite God into the darkness with you. Challenges are part of life and God can lift you up from your valley.As you welcome God in – through a simple prayer, a cry for help, or even just a thought that crosses your mind – you will start to feel your inner light returning. Just sit in the love all around you and take time to let your higher power heal your heart. Trust that there are better days ahead. And God will lead you there.

Borrow Light From Others

Grief will always be a part of your life. Unfortunately, you can’t go back to the time before you lost a loved one or learned the devastating news. But, you can move forward. Taking baby steps through grief often requires the love and support of a close family member or friend. Your spiritual support team will play a vital role in helping you navigate this challenging time. Lean on them. And don’t, for even one second, feel bad about it. We were made to lean on each other in life’s hardest moments.Everyone around you is a spiritual being. Their soul needs connection with others just as much as you need them. Right now, it’s okay to borrow their inner light. Invite someone to go on a walk with you and share your story. Have your closest friend make a playlist to fill your soul with light. Try to think of the things you did regularly that helped you feel happiest and most fulfilled. And then ask someone else to help you start those spiritual habits again. You’ll gain light from being served and for starting your spiritual routine back up. And remember, “darkness must always surrender to even the faintest light.” It’s ok if that light is borrowed right now.Remember to have so much grace for yourself. Treat your body and soul with kindness. It’s facing trauma and needs all the additional love it can get. Reach out to your higher power and to those closest to you to fill your heart with this love and light. You’ll make it through. One step at a time.

Jan 31, 2022

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