One of the biggest areas of focus on the Skylight app is sleep. In fact, sleep is the number one reason people are using our app! Skylight, focuses on younger Millennials and Older Gen Z-ers, a group we call “Zillenials.” Zillenials face unique challenges that impact their sleep. Understanding and addressing these sleep issues is crucial for their overall well-being.

Zillenials and Sleep

Why are Millenials and GenZ experiencing sleep issues?

Mainly this age group is anxious about of a lot of things. They have plenty of life demands and big decisions to make. They are worriers and tend to stress way more than necessary. All these feelings combined contribute to the rising sleep issues they all face.

Another reason they could be facing sleep issues is because of technology. These generations are the first ones to have their phones on their bedside tables as they fall asleep. It’s easy to grab them throughout the night, become distracted by notifications, and loose track of time while doom scrolling before bed.

What are the consequences of a lack of sleep amongst this generation?

There are many consequences of sleep deprivation. It can lead to problems such as memory issues and severe mood swings. It also can lead to chronic negative affects on your brain health and even on your heart health. Mentally you can loose clarity of mind and emotionally you can damage your relationships with friends and family. In general your physical, emotional, and mental health start to deteriorate.

Skylight and Sleep

One of the many purposes of our app is to help you fall asleep and stay asleep, and we do that with spiritual exercises and connecting to God.

First, Skylight can help you create a better sleep routine. Some exercises will teach about the importance of a better sleep routine, by guiding you through things such as breathing exercises or journaling prompts before bed. Other exercises, such as a meditation, help you slow down, relax, and clear your mind of all your anxious thoughts.

One concern among potential users is that looking at your phone and using it before bed, even while doing a meditation, might contribute to said sleep problems. Luckily, all our exercises have audio versions, so there are options, you don’t always have to look at a screen!

Our app can also help with chronic sleep problems or in a time to time way. With all sorts of different exercises right there one your phone, you have easy access to relax and calm down before sleep wherever and whenever you need to.

Skylight Helps

We recently talked to a current Skylight user about their experience with the app. They explained that when they get into bed it’s the first time they have real silence and they start to worry. They go over checklists, think about what they’re doing tomorrow, and spiral into negative thoughts. However, Skylight helps them avoid those thoughts. It allows them to disengage which helps them fall into a peaceful slumber.


Skylight provides essential tools to help Zillenials improve their sleep and overall well-being. By offering spiritual exercises and audio-guided meditations, Skylight helps users establish better sleep routines, relax, and clear their minds of anxious thoughts. This personalized approach allows users to tackle sleep problems, whether chronic or occasional, and ultimately achieve a peaceful slumber. As evidenced by our users' testimonials, Skylight effectively addresses the unique sleep challenges faced by younger Millennials and Older Gen Z-ers, making it a valuable resource for enhancing their mental, emotional, and physical health.

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Jun 13, 2024

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