COVID-19 has created a new normal that includes social distancing, face masks, and around the clock news coverage of rising cases. As we continue to sort out this new normal, it’s important that we maintain a sense of spirituality. Our spirituality will determine how we come out of this pandemic.The world gradually becomes scarier every day, and while the uncertainties of COVID-19 remain at the forefront of our focus, we must switch our attention to view the situation from a spiritual aspect. We have to put our focus on maintaining our spirituality to ensure we’re doing our part to stay hopeful and strong within our spirit. There are many ways you can maintain your spirituality during COVID-19, but here are some key things you can do to stay grounded in your spirituality during these difficult times.

Prayer and meditation.

Prayer and meditation are essential for maintaining your spirituality during COVID-19. Developing a prayer or meditation routine can be personalized to accommodate your individual day-to-day life, and you should be intentional when carving out this special time. Prayer will allow you to communicate with a higher power to ask for support and express gratitude. This will provide you with the comfort to keep pushing through these times. Prayer is a reminder that there is still light even in the darkest places.Meditation allows you to practice focus and awareness. The pandemic has stirred a lot of different emotions in everyone, and meditation will allow you to observe those feelings without judgment. It will help you to sort through them and eventually better understand why you feel them. Meditation will provide a healthy sense of perspective, lower stress levels, and contribute to your overall physical well-being. Having a healthy perspective on life will allow you to think, breathe, and become present again.

Set boundaries for screen-time.

Since most countries around the world are still on stay-at-home orders, this has increased the amount of time people are watching TV and scrolling through social media. Most of the things we’re viewing are centered around the harsh realities of this pandemic. This can take a toll on your spiritual state of mind. Setting boundaries for screen time will allow you to control what you’re exposing yourself to. It’s essential to stay informed on what’s going on but to also know when to turn the TV off or log out of Facebook is much more critical. Excessive screen time takes your focus away from being present, and without focus, spirituality cannot be prioritized.

Find a reason to be grateful.

It’s easy to become consumed by the pandemic and take for granted the things that are still going right. Finding gratefulness through difficult times reminds us that things could always be worse, and instead of focusing on the negatives, we should be thankful for all of the positives. The pandemic has shattered the lives of people all over, so expressing gratitude any chance you get, whether it’s for the roof over your head or the food you have to eat, means that you recognize the abundance in your life. This will provide you with peace and contentment to continue pushing forward. It’s also a moral value in developing spiritual discipline.

Find your community.

Even though COVID-19 has stopped us from coming together like we are used to, you must maintain a sense of community during these times. Technology makes it easier for us to connect by providing online meeting rooms for us to connect with each other. Setting time aside to virtually meet with friends and family will fill the need of being connected to loved ones without compromising anyone’s health. Your community should be a safe haven made up of people who will provide you with love and support. Finding your community during the pandemic will allow you to continue building relationships and remaining interconnected with people who are essential for your spiritual growth.

Connect with nature.

Social distancing guidelines may prevent us from gathering in public places, but you can still go outside for fresh air or exercise. Going out and connecting with nature will heighten your spirituality because nature can refresh and restore your soul. The Earth is your home, and spending time with it will help reduce anxieties that you might be carrying. Go for a walk and feel the presence of the trees, mountains, rivers, and lakes. Feel the openness of the sky and allow its spirit to provide you calmness. Connecting with nature will help us find ourselves when we feel lost and remind us of our place in the world.Doing things to actively maintain our spirituality through COVID-19 will show how spiritually grounded we are through the storms of life. Pushing through the heaviness of the pandemic by filling our souls with light and love will give us something to look forward to when this is all over. The circumstances aren’t ideal, but because we are spiritual beings, we understand that using our spirituality to build resilience will make us stronger. Tuning out negative energy while shifting our perspective to work for us and not against us will provide us with the understanding needed to overcome any adversity.

Feb 8, 2022

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