The mind is powerful, but it can also be destructive if we allow it to be. Our minds become harmful when we allow the negative thoughts that surface decide who we are and how we should live. Because our minds are so important when it comes to connecting with ourselves and the universe, we must understand the importance of being in control of our thoughts. Negative thoughts can cripple us from living freely, and to prevent that from happening, we need to be able to redirect ourselves when our thoughts are working against us. When it comes to gaining control of your mind, there are three concepts you will need to hold onto.

Letting Go

It’s simple, but may not always be the easiest thing to do. Knowing how and when to let go is the key to setting yourself free from negative thoughts. We tend to think the more we hold onto something, the more we can control it, but holding on doesn’t give us control, we’re actually out of control. The pain you carry, let it go. The baggage from past experiences, let it go.Letting go doesn’t mean you’re ignoring these past experiences or thoughts, but releasing your control. It means that these thoughts won’t overpower you and control you, instead, you are in control of them. Address them when they arise, give yourself permission to feel it to avoid the habit of creating distractions, and let it go. Understand that these thoughts don’t contribute anything positive to your life and release your obligation to them. They don’t belong to you. Letting go will provide your soul with freedom from the limitations your thoughts have set.

Recognizing the Truth

Sometimes your thoughts can be persuading you to think things about yourself that you know aren’t true. This is when you need to look to a higher power to reveal the truth about you. This can be done through things such as prayer and meditation. Whatever your process is, reach out and allow the universe to remind you of who you are. This will help to quiet the self- harming thoughts that may be trying to lead you down a path of destruction.

Living in the Present

Give yourself permission to live presently and experience life for exactly what it is at that moment. It’s common to think about what went wrong or right in our past in order to control the future. Here is where anxiety and roots of unnecessary fear grow. Living in the present means you are thinking about the past and the future in small doses, taking away only what is needed for growth. Smile often, find gratitude in the little things, dream about the future, but be present in what’s going on today.There is awakening in the present. As spiritual beings, we will be grounded in the truth and reality of now. Embrace the unknown as that is where true growth happens. Rejoice in today because we’ve made a step forward to living authentically and freely.You will be amazed at how your circumstances can change when you learn how to control your thoughts. Your mind can be a place of worry, fear, and destruction, or you can choose for it to be a place of peace, love, and joy. Your mind is the core of your spiritual body. You can reframe your beliefs to work in favor of your highest self so you can live freely and in control.

Feb 9, 2022

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