Maybe you feel like something is preventing you from hearing your inner voice. Maybe you’re frustrated that you can’t seem to connect with God on your own. If you’re feeling a little stuck on your spiritual journey, try taking a step outside.Nature opens your spirit to a greater perspective while simultaneously providing a space for an intimate look inward. Both of these are necessary for strengthening your spiritual nature, and the great outdoors makes it easy.

Discovering God Outside

There’s nothing quite like catching fireflies, stargazing, or climbing a tree. Clear blue skies and early morning sunrises have a similar feeling. You may feel an upward pull, a moment of awe. In these moments, you get a needed reminder of your part in something much bigger than you. Spending time in God’s beautiful creations enlarges your perspective.Sometimes, simply being in nature is enough to connect with the divine. But there is still value in taking your spiritual practice outdoors. In fact, being outside will enhance your spiritual activities. Breathing in fresh air while studying sacred text can help your mind to absorb it more quickly, which may enable faster application. Outdoor meditation, while taking in the beauty of the world, can fill your soul with direction from heaven.

Discovering You Outside

The outdoors are a perfect place for self-discovery. Ironically, getting out really helps zoom in on yourself. Studies show that focusing on beautiful scenery brings you to the present, wherever you are. You may even develop an accidental mindfulness habit, which will increase your sense of cohesion with your inner self. In doing this, you might discover a deeper understanding of your spiritual identity.A peaceful pond or a majestic mountain are different kinds of beauty on God’s canvas. You are no different—your unique contribution to the world is needed. Being outside can solidify this fact in your soul. You don’t have to be in complete solitude and silence; just get outside, however you can, and take a look at yourself.

Feb 11, 2022

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