At The Spirituality Project, we’re collecting stories about moments of Divine connection. These stories about meditation are from our growing trove. If you have one to share, we want to hear it! Don’t have a life-changing story? Don’t worry, we love the simple stories just as much. Submit yours here.

“In one of my meditations, I felt I was drifting away into a dream-like state, yet I was still aware of myself. I was guided to see something. I found myself in a dark infinite space, and in front of me I saw infinite golden, bright light that spread and stretched to infinity. Right across from me, there was a golden light seed. The seed was very bright and luminous. It was very small compared to the vastness of the light and seemed to be more concentrated with light which made it much brighter than the vast light. The seed was an integral part of the vast light. I knew exactly what I was seeing. I recognized the seed as myself, my essence, my soul and the infinite light was God. The most profound part of this was my experience of God. God was overwhelmingly loving; it was an intrusive love that took over me totally. God was absolutely accepting and embracing. It dissolved all pain out of me. This was the feeling I was yearning for all my life. An absolute pure unconditional love.” -Shelly, USA

“My inner child was always frustrated and angry I never knew how to express myself up until I changed my lifestyle. I started to see myself differently. I questioned everything but never got the answers I needed. I was seeking attention from the wrong people; I was eating junk constantly, and one day a light bulb came on. I started to meditate. I started to listen the voice within. I cut certain people off and started to isolate myself and with isolation I started to evolve. I learned to unlearn everything I once knew about food, the earth, the stars, and myself especially. Each day I felt like I had shed the old layer of skin and loved the new skin more than I ever had before. This is a journey, and I will continue to grow and love myself the best way I can.” -Anonymous

“I don’t really have any shocking spiritual experiences. But sometimes when things get rough, I just like to disconnect from everything and meditate. I meditate as a form to connect with the universe and also as a form to put my intentions out there, so it knows what I want and what I don’t want in life. The most recent experience I’ve had was when I disconnected from social media for a week because I just needed a break from everything. In that week I felt so much peace and joy because I was meditating and putting my intentions into the universe. I’ve received things that I have been wanting, like more clarity in life and a better relationship with a loved one. I’ve also found joy in simple things in life again.” -Annikka, Milwaukee, USA

“One night, I was reading Quran and feeling loved by Allah. I was looking for an external force to direct me to prosperity and invite joy into my heart. I tried many ways, such as meditation. Although it helped me become serene and calm, I still felt needing a higher force to change my heart. In a meditative state, I was filled with the feeling of dedication to an unknown spiritual journey. I didn’t know what my mind was going through, but I was willing to realize my true self in this lifetime. Eventually, I fell into a trance. A little after, I was transported to a heavenly realm of a flowery garden with a broad and clear creek surrounded by brilliant green and white light. The flowers were waving in the wind with joy. I was one of those flowers to enjoy waving in the wind. I felt uplifted to the sky. After connecting to Allah, I realized it was my reward: joy and peace in my heart. For years, after feeling inspired through reading Quran, I read Quran before I go to bed.” -Zoreh, Los Angeles, USA

Interested in meditation but not sure where to start? Here’s a small, guided meditation “Floating” from Skylight. It might be the spiritual self-care you didn’t know you needed.  

Jul 29, 2022

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