Prayer can be a great way to grow spiritually. We can pray about anything, at any time, and anywhere. Yet, so many of us stop short of really seeing everything prayer has to offer. We use prayer as a way to get what we want, rather than a tool to become higher versions of ourselves.In today’s society of Instagram likes and Tinder swipes, we have become accustomed to instant gratification. Because of this, we sometimes use prayer as a “wish factory,” but prayer can go much further than that. Prayer can be used to help you get through painful situations, stay present in the moment, build a relationship with a higher being, and show gratitude for the life you have. Here are some alternative ways you can start using prayer.

Prayer to help you stay present.

Throughout your day, you likely find yourself being pulled left and right by thousands of thoughts and emotions. You might be quick to push those thoughts out of the way and try to keep distractions at bay. Praying mindfully, though, will encourage you to experience those feelings fully and acknowledge their presence.Prayer in itself is a type of mindful activity. It allows the individual to sit in the present moment, focus on the matters at hand, and accept our thoughts and feelings. Prayer welcomes those pesky voices and thoughts and lets them flow about freely. You can surrender your thoughts over to who you are praying to, taking the weight off of your shoulders. Praying mindfully will give you space where you feel grounded and safe.

Prayer to help you get through tough situations.

We are often placed in situations that make us feel anxious, frustrated, or broken. When faced with these types of problems, we should ask ourselves if we are praying away or praying through. These challenges we are faced with are opportunities for us to grow. But, we are often so fixated in getting out of the bad situation we are in that we do not learn anything from the experience. We turn to “get me out” prayers, begging for help to make the problem go away.If we want to grow spiritually, we can also use prayer as a tool to help us get through the pain. We can ask for the guidance we need to navigate the issue at hand with grace, resilience, and an open mind. While prayer can change our circumstances, it can also change us.When is the answer to your prayer is “no,” start asking yourself these questions: How is God growing and changing me through these painful experiences? Am I praying for a spiritual breakthrough, or pleading for a quick and easy solution? How is the spirit changing my view through this answer? This will help you see your prayers in a new way.Prayer can be used in so many ways, but many of us forget its ability to uplift us, help us through life’s difficult situations, and stay present in the moment. Try out these new ways to use prayer as a tool for more significant spiritual growth.

Feb 13, 2022

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