Everyone knows self-care as the the quality time we dedicate to cater to our minds and bodies. But, often times the things we do for self-care leave an essential part of our being out; our souls.What is self-care for your soul? What does self-care for your soul look like? The answer to that is simple. Self-care for your soul is any activity you deliberately do that keeps your mind, body, and soul interconnected. It’s activities that rejuvenate you as a spiritual being and maintains a good relationship with yourself and a higher power.When it comes to self-care for your soul, what that may look like solely depends on each individual. As spiritual beings created so uniquely, our souls require different things at different times. When trying to figure out what kind of self-care your soul needs, think of something that helps you feel rejuvenated, fulfilled, and peaceful.If you’re still stuck on some self-care ideas, seek help from a higher power and ask for your soul’s needs to be revealed to you. In the meantime, test out some of these activities and see if they would be a good fit for your personal soul care routine.

Spending quality time with family or friends.

Our families and friends are often the people most close to us. The perfect way to restore your soul is to surround yourself with people who love you. The world can sometimes feed negative energy into our souls, and what better way to remove that energy by being reminded of how much love there is in it by the people closest to you. Spending quality time with family and friends can heighten your energy levels while providing comfort and healing. Plan time to visit an older relative, or invite your friends over for a movie night. The options on how and what you do to spend this quality time are endless, and you will notice afterward how energized you are with love.

Unplug from technology and take social media breaks.

If you let it, technology and social media can play a negative role in your ability to stay spiritually connected. By unplugging from these distractions, you are creating sacred spaces for your soul to rest. Incorporate scheduled days or weeks to completely disconnect from everything and watch how transformative this will be for your mind, body, and soul.

Read good books.

A good book can feed knowledge to your soul, promote positive thinking, and invite meaningful change into your life. Adding books into your self-care routine will improve your concentration, focus, and power. It’s a great way to relax and unwind after a long day while providing stimulation for your mind and soul. It’s important to choose books that will inspire you and give you some sort of challenge in your spiritual journey. If reading is something that you have a hard time doing, start off by just reading for 10 minutes a day. Once you get comfortable with doing that consistently, you can add more time. The more effort you put into reading, the more you will notice an improvement in your self-development and mental growth. Your mind and soul are densely connected, so by strengthening the mind, you are strengthening the soul.

Explore new hobbies or interests.

Has there been a hobby or area of interest you’ve wanted to tap into more? Use this as your opportunity to explore those interests and incorporate them into your soul care routine. Maybe it’s a sport, gardening, cooking/baking, art, or learning a new language. These new hobbies or interests will provide your soul with fulfillment by helping you to live in the present, stimulate your mind, boost your confidence, and uncover new ways to connect with a higher power.

Practice positive affirmations daily.

Encouraging a life filled with positivity and gratitude is essential for every spiritual being. Affirmations are not only for manifesting a specific goal; they are about removing negative energy or thoughts we have and replacing them with positive ones. Practicing positive affirmations daily helps keep you surrounded by the things you want to have in your life. You become more mindful of your daily thoughts and words while maintaining a healthy perspective of the world around you. Practicing positive affirmations can be as simple as saying, “ I am a loving, kind, and forgiving person.” The more you practice speaking positive affirmations to yourself, the more you will heighten your spirituality, rejuvenate your soul, and manifest a stronger connection with a higher power.Give yourself permission to take care of your soul. Your soul is a defining part of who you are as a spiritual being, and it requires a certain level of care. Pay close attention to what your soul needs, and be intentional with making sure those needs are fulfilled. Your effort to caring for your soul means you are practicing integrating all aspects of the human experience. As you continue to practice self-care for your soul, you will have a deeper understanding that your soul isn’t something you possess, but something you are.

Feb 18, 2022

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