Trying to maintain an active spiritual life when life becomes overwhelming can be extremely hard. It’s so easy to get wrapped up in career chasing, keeping up with our friends and a decent social life, and trying to be in the loop of what’s happening on Instagram or twitter. After a while, it gets to a point where we neglect what revitalizes our energy to be able to navigate through it all.Believe it or not, there are a lot of spiritual things we do every day without even realizing it. The amazing thing about some of these spiritual practices is that they keep us connected spiritually even when we might not realize it.Here are some spiritual practices you may already be doing, and if not, hopefully, this list will help revive you in your spiritual interactions.

Writing out your thoughts.

If you keep a journal for yourself, guess what, you are actively practicing in your spirituality. Writing your thoughts out is a form of self-expression that allows you to express your thoughts or feelings onto paper, your notes app on your phone, a blog, or even twitter! We’ve all been guilty of releasing our inner thoughts on social media, who says it has to be a bad thing? This form of self-expression provides a space for self-discovery and self-reflection, two dynamic components of spirituality. The silver lining about this practice is there is no right or wrong way of doing it for it to be considered spiritually engaging. It allows us to explore our thoughts, write down our goals, memories, tell stories, clear our minds, organize, etc. Look at it as a release, unclogging your mind of thoughts that might have otherwise felt suffocating. It will really encourage you on your spiritual journey while tending to your mental and emotional well-being.Spending time alone.Being able to spend time alone is a spiritual practice that is indispensable to your spirituality. It’s also something most people practice every day. Some alone time has historically been considered a favorable spiritual practice for a very long time. It is the perfect way for you to separate yourself from outside influences or disturbances to reach a place of stillness and be present with your spirituality. It allows you to draw closer to yourself and can easily be incorporated into your daily routine. Whether you’re reading, praying, a morning moment of silence before starting your day, on your drive to work, meditation, or even taking a walk. There are many ways and things you can do to spend some quality time with yourself.

Helping others.

Opening your heart to others is a powerful spiritual practice. How soul-filling is it to know that one of the easiest and best gifts we can give to the world is through extending ourselves to others. It can be as simple as smiling at a stranger, walking into a room and acknowledging everyone with a warm hello, lending a helping hand, a listening ear, or even a warm touch, are all small but powerful spiritual practices. The vibrations you will be giving off will be able to reach anyone you encounter. This not only will feed your soul, but it also has the power to touch the souls of others.

Laughing with life.

Laughter is said to have its time and place, and hopefully, for you that’s every day. Laughter is the best medicine for the soul. There are many said health benefits to laughing, but most people aren’t even aware of what it does for us spiritually. Laughter is light, it cultivates humility, it’s disarming and welcoming to strangers, and it drives away fears. The warmth laughter brings drives away negative thoughts or feelings and invites optimism, and healing. Through laughter, you are effortlessly showing your spiritual armor because it keeps you in control of how you allow things to affect you. Choosing to laugh with life even during the most uncomfortable times is a reminder of just how grounded you are in your spirituality.

Taking care of your body.

Taking care of your body is a major component of your spiritual well-being. Our bodies are at the center of our spirituality. If we are taking care of our bodies, then we are taking care of our spirit. This means staying active daily with some form of physical activity, as well as maintaining a healthy balanced diet. If you pay close attention to your body, it will tell you exactly what it needs or what it has been deprived of. Meeting your body’s basic needs daily keeps you full of energy and interconnectedness with your mind, body, and soul.It can be easy to stay connected to your own sense of spirituality when it’s fused into your normal day-to-day activities, and hopefully, now you have a better understanding of just how easy this can be. Once you understand the significance spirituality plays in living a fulfilling life, it’ll be hard to not stay consistent in it.

Feb 22, 2022

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