It’s well documented that Millennials and Gen Z (let’s call them GenZennials) are suffering under an unprecedented wave of anxiety, depression, loneliness and sleep problems. 46% of GenZennials report feeling so stressed they can’t function. And nearly that many GenZennials have left a job due to stress and anxiety. Fortunately, accessing mental health resources is easier—and more socially acceptable—than ever.

But we can do more. Read the full scientific report here.

Spirituality Is Part Of The Solution

Research from Springtide Research Institute shows that the more spiritual a young person is, the more likely they are to say they are “flourishing a lot” in their emotional or mental well-being.

And this relationship between spirituality and mental wellness isn’t lost on GenZennials. 57% of them agree that their spiritual/religious practices positively impact their mental health. Which is why they reach out to Skylight.

Skylight Is Proven To Help

Skylight is a spiritual self-care app and website that provides free spiritual exercises. Like other self-care products like Calm or Headspace, Skylight guides users through popular wellness practices like mindfulness, meditation, affirmations, yoga and prayer. Uniquely though, Skylight reintroduces spirituality into these traditionally spiritual practices.

While those who use the app gravitate toward the same topics they might find in other wellness apps—relief from anxiety, sleep issues, stress, loneliness and low self-esteem (in that order)—they come to Skylight seeking a spiritual approach. 53% of surveyed users say they downloaded the app for improved spiritual wellbeing or overall health. In other words, they want to approach wellness holistically, with spirituality as an important ingredient.

And it's working for them. Research conducted by Jen Huberty, Chief Science Officer at Skylight and former CSO at Calm, found that young adults who used Skylight more frequently had significantly lower anxiety scores. More frequent users also had lower stress and sleep scores (fewer sleep issues). It appears that, even via an app, spiritual practice helps young adults thrive.

At Skylight, we’re fascinated by how Genzennials consume and engage with spiritual content. Fortunately, our users provide us with daily insights. They’ve told us that they prefer short-form spiritual exercises, between 3-5 minutes. And 1/3 of them want help establishing spiritual morning and evening routines.

Download the complete Skylight press kit below:

Oct 10, 2023

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