Many of us are looking forward to the holiday break—one where we can connect with family and replenish our souls. I always feel filled up and ready to face the stresses and mundane tasks of life after a break full of relaxation and rejuvenation. But what if we could feel refreshed and renewed throughout each normal, regular old day with more frequent breaks?There’s been talk of the Pomodoro Technique and the 52-17 Rule to help employees find the best balance for productivity. These ideas have proven that short breaks throughout the day clear our minds and boost our bodies. Breaks bring greater productivity. If we were to apply a similar technique to our spiritual wellness, imagine the growth and fulfillment we would find!

The Spiritual Renewal Technique

Some religions practice a day of rest, also known as the Sabbath. This day of the week gives minds and bodies a break from the ongoing to-do list and provides an opportunity to be still. Other religions have similar rituals of rest, such as annual pilgrimages or daily meditation. In this stillness, we can find a greater connection with our spiritual core and a pull upward toward the universe. These connections allow us to see greater progress on our spiritual journey. Taking breaks, indeed, moves us forward.The Spiritual Renewal Technique encourages more regular relaxation and spiritual recharge throughout every day of the week. Each of our souls is similar to a battery that keeps us going. Work sucks a little energy. Keeping up with your social life drains it a little more. Grocery shopping depletes it. Because our spiritual core battery is slowly drained every day, finding regular ways to spiritually recharge is vital.I know when I remember to take a quick break, I often find myself scrolling social media, or my photos, or whatever pops up on my phone But, if you want spiritual rejuvenation, put the phone down (unless, of course, it’s a spiritual wellness app). Your quick-fix of content won’t provide the spiritual rejuvenation your souls needs. Mentally checking out is different than what your spiritual core craves.True rest and rejuvenation comes as we find balance. Combining physical rest with spiritual meditation is a practice that can unite your spirituality with your physical and mental life. When you take a few minutes to engage and interconnect mind, body, and soul, rejuvenation always follows. Let’s brainstorm some ideas together. Which of these do you think will work for you?

5-Minute Breaks to Fill Your Spirit

To bring peace:

  • Deep, cleansing breaths
  • Listen to instrumental music
  • Read uplifting quotes

To build faith:

  • Listen to your intuition and put your reflection into action
  • Take a moment to express your feelings in prayer
  • Meditate and discover something new that connects your soul upward

To encourage healing:

  • List each emotion you are feeling and bullet-journal how to work through those emotions
  • Write a letter of forgiveness or encouragement, depending on the circumstance
  • Vocalize 5 positive qualities about yourself

Breaks Become Habit

As you incorporate your spiritually recharging practices, they’ll become habits. And those habits will create growth in multiples areas of your life. “God designed our brains to search for and create patterns of efficiency—to move into ‘autopilot’ so that our conscious brain can focus on other choices” (Wayne Stiles). In other words, as you become more habitual in these exercises, your brain will “get there” more easily, you’ll recharge faster, and inspiration will flow to you more effortlessly.Philosopher Will Durant once said, “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence [or productivity and spiritual renewal], then, is not an act, but a habit.” As we repeatedly practice spiritually recharging practices, we will form habits allowing us to achieve high productivity and meaning in our lives.While we might not all be able to take significant spiritual rests in our lives (like holiday breaks, annual pilgrimages, or meditation retreats), we can incorporate these small acts of the Spiritual Renewal Technique. These small changes will alter the way we feel and the way we work. We’ll see enhanced spiritual progression and create life-changing, soul-fueling habits.So take a break from whatever has your mind and body busy in this moment. Take a second to recharge, breathe deeply, and celebrate the start of a new spiritual habit.

Mar 1, 2022

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