Life is made up of moments and life is made of decisions. There are moments when you may feel a little lost and wish you had answers. There are decisions to make daily that help determine what your future will look like. But let’s be real, adulting is hard. It’s difficult to know where to turn when you need a little direction because there are so many people and places offering happiness and success.Skylight’s purpose is to help you discover spiritual wellness—a feeling of wholeness as you connect with your inner self, with others around you, and with your higher power. Each of these connections will help you determine what you really want out of life and how to find fulfillment and direction. Working on your spiritual health will guide you through all of life’s confusing moments.

Evaluate Your Emotions

If you’re feeling a little lost or unmotivated, it’s time to get back in touch with your spiritual center. Your soul is uniquely intertwined with your emotions. And in this moment of needing some guidance, evaluating your emotions is the best place to start.Think about the past year or two. What have you done that makes you feel most alive? When do you get excited about life? Maybe you’ll notice a theme—that you feel full of joy around certain people or when you engage in a specific task or hobby. These moments when you feel full of life and enthusiasm are instances when your spiritual identity is shining through.Now, reflect on the times you have felt heavy, stuck, and just plain “blah.” These are nudges from your spiritual center that something is off. Perhaps you are living below your potential and your inner light is reminding you of your divinity. Or maybe you’re engaging in a habit that invites negative energy into your life, halting your progress on your spiritual journey.Take time to evaluate your emotions. They are powerful indicators of what your soul desires and will provide insight into the direction you are seeking.

Seek God’s Guidance

Once you’ve looked inward for direction, it’s time to look upward toward the universe. This connection will help expand your perspective and invite inspiration. Confusion can turn to clarity and feelings of overwhelm to optimism. All you need to do is seek God’s guidance.There are many ways to connect with your higher power. Prayer, meditation (like the guided meditation seen below), and walks in nature—just to name a few. Each of these opens your spirit and invites God in.

Regular spiritual exercises will also help you fill your life with light and signal to God that you’re serious about your spiritual health. If you need a place to start, Skylight’s app shares several exercises tailored to your current mood.If you’re facing a big life change and need some additional guidance, remember that it’s the small and simple spiritual habits that will help you connect upward. Consistency is often more important than the quality of connection. Regularly engaging in spiritual practices opens your mind and soul to the direction you’ll receive from God.

Do What’s Best For You

Most importantly, listen to your intuition. If your inner voice is nudging you to get on your knees and ask for help, do it. If you feel a pull to move forward one way rather than another, listen. We are each spiritual beings with the wonderful power to choose within us. Often when you feel stuck or lost and alone, it’s because you’ve lost touch with your spiritual core. Trust yourself and dig deep.Be brave and try a new spiritual practice today. Determine which spiritual practices best fit your personality, so you can gain the most benefit. Every spiritual habit enhances your wellbeing—whether that be an increase of love or an expanded perspective or detailed direction on how to move forward in life. But truly understanding your soul and what practices fuel its light will only help you become more spiritually healthy.Know that you aren’t alone in feeling lost and confused with where life is going. These are growing moments that allow us to reflect on what we value most, reach out to others for help, and to seek guidance from God. Only you know what you want your future to look like, so take the time and effort to remember this vision—and then put in the spiritual work to get there. Take one step forward today.

Mar 15, 2022

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