Wherever you are in your spiritual journey, you are well within the reach of divine love. There are plenty of reasons why you may struggle to experience being loved by your higher power—maybe you feel distant from them, maybe you feel unworthy of love, or maybe you just don’t care to feel that love. But everyone deserves to feel divine love. Some of us just need a little help finding it.  

Skylight has an exclusive new course, Discover Divine Love, to help you be transformed by God’s love. Your higher power knows you, and they want you to succeed. They can help you live your most connected, authentic life. When you feel their love, you get a deeper glimpse of who you truly are. To discover divine love, you’ll have to go on a spiritual journey. In this article, you’ll get a sneak peek of the Discover Divine Love course by Henry Ammar.

Discover Divine Love Part 1: What You Need for a Spiritual Journey

If you want to discover divine love, you’ll have to embark on a spiritual journey. Part 1 of the Discover Divine Love course is all about helping you prepare for that spiritual journey. It might be uncomfortable, it might be different from what you’re expecting, but it will be a transformative, powerful experience.

Your spiritual journey is made up of a series of small steps, each just as important as the last. Each little step has the potential to change your life. If you’re looking to discover divine love in your life, the first thing to ask is what you’re really looking for. Where is this journey going to take you? You may not have a clear picture yet, and that’s okay. Think instead about how you want to feel in the future. Imagine a state of peace, where you feel love within yourself, even the parts of yourself you don’t like. What does it feel, look, and sound like for you? Exaggerate how good it can be. Imagine living grounded and free, not in a constant state of fear or anxiety. This life of spiritual fulfillment is possible for you with God’s help!

Know this: your past does not equal your future. You are loved right now exactly as you are, even if you can’t feel it yourself. Henry says there are four things you need to believe if you’re going on a spiritual journey to discover divine love:

  1. Believe that a life of spiritual fulfillment is possible.
  2. Believe there’s a way to get there.
  3. Believe you can get there.
  4. Believe that it’s worth it.

Your higher power can help you with each of these beliefs. Start with number 1. Grab your journal and write about what your life of spiritual fulfillment looks like. Continue journaling about each thing on the list, paying attention to what you struggle believing.

Discover Divine Love Part 2: Find Your Spiritual Intuition

A big question for all people is how to find their intuition. If you’re asking this on a spiritual level, you may wonder how to distinguish between the divine’s voice and your own. Part 2 can help with that question. It starts with gratitude.

There’s a difference between thinking and feeling gratitude. Are you simply thinking about things you’re grateful for, or are you really feeling grateful? It’s like the difference between eating food and truly savoring it. Feeling gratitude unlocks a spiritual power within, where you can listen without the mind interfering. This connects your mind and body to God, which helps you tap into your intuition. When you feel gratitude—not just think it—you are more intuitive. Your intuition is a combination of your will and God’s.

Here’s a sports analogy if it’s useful for you: It’s a championship football game, down to the wire. The fans are cheering so loud that you can’t hear anything. You hear a voice among the screams and cheers, telling you to cut left. You’ve heard this voice enough times before, and you recognize it—it’s your coach. So you listen. You cut left, miss a tackle, run for the touchdown, and win the game.

It’s the same with your intuition. Think of a moment in your past when you heard your intuition’s voice. What were you doing? How did you recognize it? Henry outlines three questions to ask yourself when you’re trying to find your spiritual intuition:

  1. How can I connect to God?
  2. What can I ask God?
  3. How do I know it’s God talking to me?

These questions will have different answers for everyone. Jot down some of your thoughts in your journal, and don’t overthink it. This is your first exercise in paying attention to your intuition.

Discover Divine Love Part 3: Find Your True Self

You’ll have a tough time discovering divine love if you’re not rooted in your spiritual core, or your true self. You might live a lot of your life in a fear-based self, on autopilot, going through the motions, looking forward to feeling better in the future, but not in this moment. In part 3, you’ll learn how to connect to your higher self. This self is connected to the divine.

When you’re living according to what’s in your spiritual core, you live your life feeling loved, connected, and present. It’s easy to form bad habits where you’re living in your fear-based self. But connecting to God will help you form better habits so you can live in your true self, the most mindful, happy version of you. It’s important to realize that you choose many aspects of your life. Obviously, you can’t control everything, but you can make choices that bring more brightness and spirituality to your life.

Now, how do you go from your fear-based self to your spiritual, godly self? The link is love. You are your own worst critic—when you’re beating yourself up for failing, it’s impossible to improve. Take a moment for a short visualization exercise. Visualize living the rest of the day in your fear-based, disconnected self. Think of each choice you make, and how you feel with each choice. Then visualize living the rest of today in your true, connected self. It should still look and feel like you, but there’s less worry and anxiety. There’s a lot more divine love.

Discover Divine Love Part 4: The Sacred Pause

God, give me the strength to accept the things I cannot change, give me the courage to change the things I can control, and give me the wisdom to know the difference.

This prayer sums up the ideas in part 4 quite nicely. You’ve learned now that you’re in control of your life, and that you can connect to your spiritual self. But life will still throw you into the deep end sometimes. People you love may pass away. You might be struck with a serious illness, or lose your job, or go through a bad breakup, or any number of things that are just plain hard.

Henry shares a story to demonstrate how to deal with the more difficult parts of life. Imagine three pots of boiling water. Next to them are a carrot, an egg, and a teabag. You put each of these items into a pot and leave them for ten minutes. When you come back, what has happened? The carrot has softened. The egg has hardened. But the teabag has transformed the water: it tastes, looks, and smells completely different than before.

You can’t control being thrown into boiling water. But you can decide whether you will be a carrot, an egg, or a teabag. A teabag will extract all the goodness it can from a situation—it will change the water. The water is still hot, but it’s different than it was before.

The teabag represents what Henry calls the sacred pause. In your difficult moments, take a deep breath, pause, and connect to God. Honor what you cannot change. Honor what you can change. What decisions can you make to bring more divine love into the situation?

Discover Divine Love Part 5: The Secret to Divine Love

So it’s pretty clear at this point that divine love can change your life. And now you have all these ideas of how to feel more of it and how to use it for good. But you may still be wondering what else you can do to experience divine love.

Think about your relationship with your higher power. Is it where you want it to be? Just like you would strengthen your relationship with your partner or friend, you can dedicate yourself to strengthening your relationship with God.

There are five key elements to strong relationships:

  1. Quality time.
  2. Communication.
  3. Shared spaces.
  4. Giving and receiving service.
  5. Love.

You can apply each of these to your relationship with the divine. How much time are you giving to God each day? Are you talking to them often? Do you invite them into your space, to share parts of your life with you? How often do you serve them, and are you good at accepting their help? And last, do you love them?

The beautiful thing about God is that they are willing to give you all of these things as soon as you turn to them. It’s up to you to reach out for divine love.

You’ve read a summary—now try the real thing on the Skylight app to discover more divine love in your life.

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