At The Spirituality Project, we’re collecting stories about moments of Divine connection. These stories about peace through prayer are from our growing trove. If you have one to share, we want to hear it! Don’t have a life-changing story? Don’t worry, we love the simple stories just as much. Submit yours here.

Peace from Prayer:

“I think the small experiences make the most difference, and that God has a talent for listening. I feel connected when I genuinely talk about my day with him. I felt connected recently when I moved to America from Denmark. In preparation, I prayed and told God I couldn’t do it alone. I shared the things I was worried about, and I felt cared for and heard. I felt peaceful, calm encouragement to pursue what I wanted to do.” -Viktor, Provo, USA

“One day I went on a run to blow off steam. I was heartbroken, angry, and confused. After hitting the pavement for a while, I was physically exhausted and sat down next to some insignificant building where no one seemed to be. My heart ached and I decided to look up to the sky and tried to give away all my negative energy to God up there. I guess, in a way, I was praying - not out loud, not kneeling, and for sure not anything beautiful. But I let it all go and ended with a plea of, "Please make this better." In my mess of a heart and in an exhausted pile on the sidewalk, I felt God. I felt heard. I felt lighter. And that peace at the end of my rope was exactly what I needed.” -Alexis, Sahuarita, USA

“In middle school, I got picked on a lot, and I was having a really bad week. I got off the bus and was on the verge of tears. I felt like I needed to go pray and needed to know if God was real. I was thinking of all the things I was going to ask him—like if he knew me and what I was going through. I ran up to my room and as soon as I was on my knees, all of the answers to those questions came flooding in at once. It’s like he was hearing me as I was thinking those questions. I didn’t even need to say anything. It felt like he was hugging me and telling me everything was going to be ok. That was huge for me at that time in my life.” -Tyler, Lehi, USA

“In my adolescence, I sometimes spent the whole day reading some old love stories. Most of those novels had a bitter end. I got sad after reading the story for some days and thought love could deeply hurt lovers. Perhaps, I shouldn’t fall in love when I grow up; I should stay alone. Imagining such a future made me worried. When I shared about my fear of loneliness with my aunt, she handed me a beautiful hand-crafted mini Quran necklace and asked me to keep and wear it wherever I go. This solution worked for me. Years passed, and I say my prayers to the mini Quran when I feel lonely. Soon after prayers, I enjoy feelings of companionship from the Divine. My deep relationship with God vanished my loneliness.” -Zoreh, Tehran, Iran

“Recently I was going through the lowest point I've been in a long time. I knelt down and asked for help and asked to be relieved of the pain I was going through. Right after I prayed, I felt like I should open to a specific part of the scriptures. As I read, I had an overwhelming feeling of peace come over me—like someone was giving me a hug. It was such a powerful feeling.” -Felicia, Florissant, USA

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Jul 29, 2022
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