Have you encountered someone whose warmth and energy shifts any room they walk into? Every interaction you have with them is positive and they carry so much light that sometimes you notice it rubbing off on you and you find yourself in a better mood. I know there have been times where even I’m like “Wow, I wish I could be more like so and so, they always seem so happy and full of life.”The good thing about that is, we can be those people. We can create and maintain lives full of positive energy. It’s our nature as spiritual beings to want to always have good energy with us. We carry energy everywhere we go, and not only does it impact us, it also affects the people we come in contact with.Just as much as we want to attract it, we have to emulate positive energy. It’s easy for us to say, “Positive vibes only,” but are we doing what it takes to invite and maintain those vibes? The foundation of this “Positive vibes only” mindset relies on a few basic principles.

Cut out the bad energy.

Bad energy puts a heavy cloud over us and can pour into different areas of our lives. Bad energy can be people, places, and things that don’t contribute anything positive to our lives. If we let it, bad energy can suck all of the happiness out of our lives and leave us bitter and unhappy people. Once we can cut out the bad energy from our space, it creates more room for us to focus on the good that is around us. It may not always be easy to completely detach ourselves from the bad energy in our lives.Doing things such as cutting down the time we spend on people that drain us, removing negativity from our social media feeds, meditation, and mini-mindful check ins will help us create healthy boundaries while also being attentive to what does and doesn’t make us happy.

Always be kind.

Spirituality has taught us that it is important that we treat every living being with compassion and respect, but sometimes we fall short in actually doing that. It doesn’t mean we’re bad people, we’re human, and sometimes our actions don’t align with our intentions. We have to make an effort to be kind to everyone we come across, even if they aren’t the nicest people back to us. Our words and actions reflect how we may feel about ourselves, and it’s important to remember that when it comes to our reaction to others. Yes, this can be hard to do sometimes, especially if we feel like people are pushing our buttons, but by being kind, our power stays in our control.Not only can we be kind with our words, we can also be kind with our actions. Try to smile when you’re engaging with people, be willing to lend a helping hand when needed, and hug the people you love every chance you get. When we are being kind, we are actively putting positive energy out into the universe, and it will be returned to us.

Be mindful of your words.

Being mindful of our words will help us avoid saying or doing things that don’t speak to our true selves. Our words carry power, and when we’re not mindful of the things we say, we can unleash havoc in our lives. We will hurt ourselves, dismiss our capabilities, and rob ourselves of positive energy. Have you ever paid attention to some of the things you have said about yourself? Was it good or bad? A lot of times we do this without even realizing it, but when we speak down on ourselves, we create beliefs that we start to recognize as truths.Shower yourself with positive affirmations or words of encouragement daily. Remind yourself how strong and smart you are when you’re struggling. Tell yourself how good you look even if your hair doesn’t fall the way you wanted it to. And when you find yourself getting ready to engage in negative self-talk, replace it with something positive. Mindfulness is about creating awareness, and by being aware of the things we say, we can help remove bad energy we often cast on ourselves.

Find the positive in every situation.

Outofstress.com says that good and bad are just perceptions created in the conditioned mind. Our perspective is key in any situation because it determines what kind of energy we give out. If our perception is to look for the positive in any given situation, we won’t be so easily uprooted when things happen to us.For example, you got a flat tire on your way to work this morning and it made you late. You got so upset because you felt like it was the worst possible time for something like this to happen, and now you feel like your whole day has been ruined.Now, finding the positive in this situation would be acknowledging that the flat tire didn’t cause you to get into a car wreck. You’re safe, and your insurance company is sending someone out right now to help you. See how easy that was? That situation could’ve been way worse, but it wasn’t, and we have to show the universe our appreciation for that. We have to be able to find the good, even when things look or feel bad.We have to align our feelings, actions, and thinking with positive energy to attract positive energy. We also can’t expect that we won’t ever have moments in life where we are faced with disappointment. As long as we stay focused on taking care of ourselves, being kind to others, practicing gratitude, and surrounding ourselves with positive influences, we can live sound and centered with positive vibes only.

Feb 12, 2022

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