Has there ever been a time where something just felt “off?” You feel as though life is just dragging you and you’re trying to grab hold of anything that will make it stop. You’re tired, mentally exhausted, stressed out, and you start to notice that even your body feels like it's taking a hit. You've spent so much time worrying and doing a million different things that you haven’t had time to tend to your needs mentally or physically.The mind and body are interconnected, and they help create a gateway to our inner spirituality. The relationship between the mind and body is complex, and to establish healthy dialogue between the two, it’s important to know how to cultivate balance. Being mentally, physically, and spiritually healthy helps create a unified perception of life which can lead to living more authentically.When your mental and physical health haven’t been a priority, you will gradually begin to feel just how much they've been neglected, and this can play a significant role in how you are able to show up spiritually.The good thing about balancing your mind and body is that there are an endless amount of ways you can do it, and there are manageable practices that can fit into everyday life. Here are some simple ways you can create balance for your mind and body.

Move your body daily.

Think of your body as a computer. When your computer experience inactivity, it shuts down and goes into sleep mode. Daily movement is great support for good physical health. Use any opportunity during the day to get your blood flowing and move around. Take a walk, ride a bike, dance, or even exercise. Being active daily is important for not only the health of your body but also your mood.

Remove toxic energy.

Whether it's a person, situation, or even toxic emotions you harbor, it's time to let the toxic energy go. Toxic energy contaminates our minds and bodies, which can make it hard to experience true peace. It’s good to be able to recognize toxic energy when it presents itself and know how to filter it. Create boundaries for yourself when addressing the toxic energy in your life, and if that means removing certain people from your life, do that. If that means removing yourself from certain situations, do that too. If that means addressing toxic energy you possess, address it and heal from it. Rid your life of toxic energy and protect your peace at all costs.

Foster loving relationships.

Having a good support system filled with people who love you provides many benefits both physically and mentally. Fostering loving relationships can keep you from feeling lonely, provide support when you are struggling, and set the perfect tone for an overall healthy lifestyle. Loving relationships can help foster belongingness and feeling connected to people we love can be one of the most important life experiences we have as humans.

Know when to slow down and rest.

Sometimes life requires us to slow down. When your mind and body are always on the go, it's easy to forget to give them both adequate rest. A little rest goes a long way, and knowing when to take a break helps avoid burnout. Listen to both your mind and body; when they are screaming at you to rest, listen, and recognize when it's time to rest. Give yourself permission to take a nap when you need one, it's not selfish, and it doesn't make you lazy. Take time to be alone when you need a good recharge, and know that it’s okay to isolate yourself sometimes. How much sleep you’re getting at night is important too, so be mindful of the amount of time you spend at night sleeping.

Become dedicated to learning.

The world is full of an endless amount of information, and there is always an opportunity to learn more. Never stop the drive to learn more. Create awareness around learning and always strive to know more than you did yesterday. Whether that's through books, people, taking classes, developing new skills, or watching documentaries, seek opportunities to engage in learning. Make every opportunity a learning opportunity and watch how you will open your mind to new possibilities, beliefs, and interests.

Practice self-compassion.

Let's face it, we can be our biggest critics sometimes, and often we don't even realize how hard we can be on ourselves. When we foster a negative perception of who we are as individuals, this can lead us to punish ourselves. It’s important that we are willing to extend the same amount of love, kindness, and empathy we give others to ourselves. Self-compassion allows us to generate positive emotions and reactions when life doesn't go as planned. Self-compassion will lift your spirit when it is struggling and can provide healing for your soul by removing the mental and physical weight being “anti-self” bares on us.Getting your mind and body balanced may take some trial and error to determine which practices work best for you. Once you are able to create balance you will notice how much you are able to transform your days and shift your perspective. Know that it's okay to shift your focus from what's going on externally to focus on what's happening internally in order to ensure that you are able to be the best version of yourself.

Feb 20, 2022
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