As you continue through your spiritual journey, expect there to be moments where you don't feel as spiritually connected; It’s normal. There may be things that happen in your life that make you doubt if you are in touch with your spirituality or if you're even spiritual at all. Spirituality is a universal human experience. Spirituality is something that touches us even when it doesn't feel like it. When things happen that are meant to cause doubt and uncertainty, it's important to remind yourself you are spirituality grounded and you won't be shaken by things sent to destroy you.If you find yourself needing a confidence boost when it comes to your spirituality, find peace and reassurance in this list of powerful qualities a spiritual person has.

You embrace life, and all that comes with it, with gratitude.

Life is a journey that is full of happiness, pain, struggles, and darkness. By being grounded in your spirituality, you can embrace every part of life no matter what season you are in. Your heart can find peace amid adversity, and you can find contentment under any circumstances. You have the understanding that nothing is happening to you, but everything is happening for you.

You value quietness and alone time.

You see the beauty in stillness, and you bask at the opportunity to experience it. You understand that there is a difference between being alone and being lonely, so you welcome alone time with open arms. You know that as you continue to evolve spiritually, it will require times of quietness and solitude so that you can connect with yourself. With this time, you can soak in the wisdom life has to offer you.You take care of yourself, mentally, and physically.You recognize that your body is a temple, and you are mindful of what you put into it. You eat healthy foods because of what they provide for your body. You exercise because it's deeper than keeping up with society's standard of beauty, but because you want to be healthy inside and out. By being spiritually grounded, you know why it's essential to be careful of what you expose your mind to. You protect your mental health and set boundaries for what you see on TV and social media. When something doesn't feel right mentally, you dedicate the time to explore those emotions and get to the root of what's driving them.

You see the purpose in your life.

Self-discovery and self-realization are a lifelong process. It's something you will continue to work at every day, and you're okay with that. You may not know what you want to do career-wise or where you see yourself in the next 10 years, but you're okay with not knowing that. You realize that the real joys of life live outside your 9-5 job, and you spend more time looking for ways to experience those joys. You find the most fulfillment by serving others and are actively manifesting your life purpose by doing so.

You rely on spiritual wisdom to guide you.

When you need clarity on something, you rely on your spiritual wisdom to bring you understanding. You know that everything isn't meant to be grasped by the naked eye, and you look to your spiritual wisdom for perspective. A vital part of being a spiritual person is recognizing that a lot of your spiritual enlightenment comes from inside of you. It rests in the innermost parts of your being. If you can dig deep inside, you will uncover answers to questions, obstacles, and situations you find yourself facing.

You love freely with no condition.

You acknowledge that you are made from love and have consciously chosen to live a life centered around love. Your love isn't conditioned, and you give it with no expectations of receiving anything back. The abundance you have in love makes you willing to give it to anyone who wants to receive it. You recognize that you and every being on earth is worthy of love. Because you love freely, you can extend compassion, humility, and forgiveness to others. You come from a place of sincerity with every interaction you have. The energy created from your love attracts love, and it is presented to you in many ways.There is no rule book to being a spiritual person, and it's not a race or meant to have a competitive nature. There may be people who spiritually evolve faster than you, but keep in mind we are all heading in the same direction.  Being a spiritual person is something you will continue to work towards every day for the rest of your life. The changes you make as you evolve spiritually may seem minor or insignificant. Still, they are a part of a much bigger picture. Being a spiritual person is a lifelong commitment. Once you are committed to being a spiritual person, you will learn to appreciate the journey as you grow and mature spiritually.

Oct 14, 2021

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