Black Friday is more than just a day of shopping deals and discounts. It's a time when people come together to celebrate abundance, express gratitude, and cherish the moments of togetherness. In this article, we’ll uncover the reasons why this holiday is a symbol of gratitude and how it continues to resonate with people from all walks of life.

The Origins of Black Friday

Black Friday has a long and tumultuous history. For decades, it has been a tradition for retailers to offer limited-time post-Thanksgiving sales, attracting hordes of eager shoppers seeking unbeatable deals. This day has become a significant event for retailers, with over $150 billion spent across the U.S. in just a single weekend.

However, Black Friday is not without its dark side. Originally, it was associated with the stock market crash of 1929, which led to financial hardship and economic struggles for many. It's also infamous for chaos and violence. The tragic 2008 incident at a Walmart in New York, where a man was trampled to death, exemplifies this. Such incidents, including fights and injuries, have been common.

Black Friday has spread internationally but goes by different names in some countries due to negative associations. Some retailers are moving away from it, focusing on online deals. In the end, Black Friday's history is marked by a mix of consumer excitement and the potential for chaos, making it a day that continues to generate headlines and raise questions about the nature of consumerism and retail traditions.

Black Friday Cultivates Gratitude

Black Friday, known for its massive sales and discounts, can cultivate gratitude by encouraging people to appreciate the value of the items they purchase. When individuals find good deals and discounts on products they want or need, it can lead to feelings of gratitude for the opportunity to save money and acquire desired items. This sense of gratitude can extend to the retailers and businesses that offer these deals, as well as to the people who work hard to make these sales events possible.

Black Friday as a Time of Togetherness

On Black Friday, people from all walks of life come together to participate in the shopping frenzy. It's a time when friends and family members bond while hunting for the best deals. Despite the chaos and long lines, the shared experience fosters a sense of togetherness and strengthens relationships.

The Joy of Giving

While Black Friday is often associated with shopping for oneself, it can also foster the joy of giving. Many people take advantage of Black Friday sales to purchase gifts for their loved ones, especially with the upcoming holiday season in mind. Finding the perfect gift at a discounted price can bring a sense of joy, and the act of giving itself can be deeply rewarding. Additionally, some individuals may use Black Friday deals as an opportunity to donate to charitable causes or purchase items for those in need, further promoting the joy of giving.

Meditation for Gratitude on Black Friday

Black Friday can be a challenging time for some people due to various reasons, such as financial difficulties, painful memories, or the loss of loved ones. Practicing gratitude through meditation can serve as a way to find solace and inner peace during this holiday season, regardless of the consumer-driven nature of Black Friday. Here is a meditation we recommend:

Welcome to this meditation for Black Friday. Instead of diving into the shopping frenzy, we're offering an alternative. This holiday season, let's reflect on what's right in our lives and find peace amid the chaos:
Let's start by taking a deep breath, inhaling positive energy and exhaling stress. Now, visualize a soothing amethyst light flowing through your body, relaxing every muscle and organ.
Think about the people who support you, your friends, your job, your home, and the simple things you're grateful for like hot water and food. Let these thoughts flow over you like a waterfall of gratitude.
Remember this feeling of deep gratitude. It's a powerful tool to return to when you're feeling overwhelmed or down. You can hold both sadness and gratitude simultaneously, so let this practice be your anchor during the holiday season.
Take another deep breath in and exhale. Start to move your hands and feet, gently waking up your body. Give yourself a full-body stretch.
Thank you and remember to take care of yourself.


Black Friday is not just a day of shopping; it's a holiday filled with gratitude, togetherness, and the joy of giving. It's a time when people from all backgrounds come together to celebrate abundance and appreciate the blessings in their lives. So, the next time you embark on a Black Friday shopping adventure, remember the true essence of this holiday and the spirit of gratitude that defines it.


Q: How can small businesses benefit from Black Friday?
A: Small businesses can benefit from Black Friday by offering unique products, personalized experiences, and special promotions. This exposure can lead to increased sales and customer loyalty.

Q: How do retailers show gratitude on Black Friday?
A: Retailers show gratitude on Black Friday by offering discounts and promotions to attract customers. Many also engage in charitable initiatives and acts of kindness to give back to their communities.

Q: What is the connection between Thanksgiving and Black Friday?
A: Thanksgiving serves as a precursor to Black Friday, fostering a spirit of gratitude and togetherness. Black Friday extends this spirit in its own unique way, bringing people together to celebrate abundance.

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