Spiritual communication can take on many forms and happen in any way that feels best for you. Journaling, meditation, conversing or praying aloud, and writing a letter to the Universe are just a few of the many ways to connect. The core of all of these is a special feeling of connectedness through communication—a universal human experience that goes beyond culture, religion, beliefs, or thoughts. Some interpret spiritual communication as human connectivity, while others view it as more of a human-divine connection, or a connection to a greater sense of meaning and purpose in life. It’s a crucial part of our spiritual health and wellbeing. Spiritual communication fills our soul and allows us to feel seen and heard by a higher power or infinite source of love.Having an open spirit allows us to receive guidance and direction on our journey. It allows us to connect with our own divine power and light. Sometimes in periods of high stress, overwhelm, or low energy (aka, when we need Spirit most), that connection can begin to feel stagnant, stale, or dense. First, don’t panic. Trust that we’ve all been there. Review these five practices to rekindle spiritual communication and ultimately, strengthen your connection to the Universe.

Eliminate Distractions

Turn off all digital notifications and clear the clutter—figuratively and literally. Technology can be distracting and feel disruptive to a spiritual meditation, prayer, or communication practice. Incessant phone or device notifications have created a resounding need to check in on emails, texts, news and social media updates—we’ve become wired to respond. It’s no secret that constant notifications have been shown to trigger anxiety and activate the ‘Fight or Flight’ response in our biological systems. When this happens, adrenaline and cortisol (stress hormones) become activated, making us feel ready to respond to a threat (i.e., the opposite of calm, clear, and centered). Consider rethinking how phone notifications can look and feel for you, and know that it’s ok to disconnect. Not all notifications are inherently negative—some reminders are helpful and tell us when to do something, or let us know when something is wrong. Begin to assess which notifications you need to switch off from and why. Where is there room to minimize the noise? It may feel uncomfortable at first, but the newfound spiritual clarity and overall sense of peace are worth it.In addition to clearing the digital clutter—a clear and clean physical space is critical to unclouding the mind and setting a better tone for your mood and spiritual communication practice. If your thoughts create your world and your physical space mirrors your state of mind, how you feel about your environment is pretty important. Every little corner of your life has relevance and impacts your holistic self and soul. Think about how much love you give to your personal living spaces. Is there room to give more? Do you have a tendency to allow clutter to accumulate with material possessions? Your space is a reflection of you on some level: your attitude or ability to let go; your fears and losses; your attention to self-care, self-love, and self-fulfillment; your cry for help or call to be left alone, etc. We are inter-dependent and interconnected beings and event the smallest aspects of our environments have profound impacts on our mental, physical, and spritual wellbeing. Cleansing your personal space (in whatever way feels best for you) can feel like a soothing salve on the soul and may serve as inspiration or an opportunity for deeper spiritual communication and connection.

Stay Present

Being present in the spiritual sense can has a double meaning. There’s present, as in ‘being here, in attendance’ and ‘showing up’—and there’s present as in ‘the here/now, moment of time’. The spiritual practice of presence asks us to be here now. The contrasts to being present are living in the past and living in the future. When we live in the past, we hold on to regrets or constantly review things that have already happened, and try to explain them in terms of our own or someone else's actions. This kind of thinking typically leads to guilt or blaming. When we live in the future, we make assumptions or fantasize about what could happen and become attached to those expected outcomes. This habit usually results in circular thoughts, disappointment and/or the loss of joy. Whether we are consumed with positive expectations (optimism) or negative projections (pessimism)—we are not living in the moment. When you find yourself constantly reacting in one of these ways; when you always want to be otherwise or elsewhere, it is time to put more energy towards staying present. The companion of this practice is contentment, which can only help elevate spiritual communciation.


In times of great spiritual disruption, it’s important to reconnect with ourselves and our breath. Hidden beneath our physical and mental health lies our spiritual core. Using your breath can help you tap into that spiritual center. Follow this short breath excersize to clear your mind, open your heart, and ignite your breath: Start with a pause—take a moment for yourself to sit in stillness and solely focus on your breath. Take deep, slow inhales and exhales and try counting 1-2-3 on your inhales, and 1-2-3 on your exhales (slowly increase the count to 10, as you become more comfortable with the breathing practice). Try to tune out recent conversations, engagements, or any items on your to-do lists. As you sit in your pause, begin to listen to your phyisical body. Notice what happens. Where do you feel tense? What feelings (if any) are coming up for you? Embrace whatever comes up and sit exactly as you are—igniting the breath can bring you back to the present moment and create more space for spiritual wellness.Give your spiritual communication practice new life. Seated breathing meditations and the Wim Hof Method breathing technique are some other fun options to explore.

Get Curious

Ask questions and listen actively. Embrace an open conversation with Spirit—it doesn’t have to be anything proper or formal. However, you show up is allowed. Bare all fears, frustrations, vulnerabilities, dreams, and heartaches. Opening your soul to what is and sharing your true, authentic self will only strengthen your relationship with the Universe.Trust your feelings and let go of any judgment. What are your feelings trying to tell you? What is to be grieved, or stopped, or celebrated? What needs to be released or let go of? What feels most true to you in this moment? Are you in need of a cathartic release? What does that look like for you right now? Hint: that could come in the form of a good cry or a big yell (out loud or into a pillow; whichever suits your fancy). It could also look like a moment of stillness to recenter or ground down. Whatever it is, know that it’s yours and yours alone. Getting curious allows you to raise the question “Am I willing to consider that the opposite of what is ‘right’ to me, could be just as right?” Embracing curiosity allows you to explore endless possibilities.

Be Consistent

Create space for spiritual connection in your day-to-day. Know that it will take practice—and that you will fail, and that’s ok. Once you begin and maintain the conversation—you’ll notice the gentle nudges of the Universe at work. Know that tuning into your intuition and receiving guidance from Spirit is not always an easy task. It can take months or years to fully understand this connection and to understand how a higher power speaks to you. Where to start? Pause, engage, and open your heart. Set aside time every day, lean on your spiritual community, do your best, and know that you are heard and loved.

Oct 14, 2021

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