You are made up of spiritual energy. Lower forms are based on fear, guilt, shame, anger, and other negative emotions. Higher energy forms are found in love, compassion, playfulness, and any other vibration that connects you to unconditional love and acceptance. As humans, we tend to think of positive and negative energy as being at war with each other, while spiritual guides see them as a choice.Energies are simple. We are either using them to create or destroying ourselves. When you harbor toxic energy, it affects everything we do from how you connect with others, how you respond to hardship, or how you talk with yourself.Negative energy is more than just a sour mood for a few days. It is the toxic feelings that invade your mind and body and stay until you have cleared them. It can quickly build up when you are not honest with yourself, understand what you want out of life, or compromise who you are. To know how to let it go, you must be spiritually honest with yourself.

How do we expose ourselves to negative energy?

Ignoring our spiritual side is the quickest way to have an energy imbalance. Being spiritual means doing the hard work to become the highest version of ourselves. One way toxic energy builds up is by suppressing our feelings, not dealing with past trauma, or having a pessimistic outlook on life. How we look to ourselves is also important. Having negative self-talk, and frequently comparing ourselves to others will leave us feeling worthless, increases our negative energy.Dark energy can also be brought on by surrounding yourself with a toxic group of people. However, even spending time with loved ones can be harmful. If they are sick, depressed, or struggling, our empathy for them can leave us feeling depressed. Toxic energy can even be caused by stressful living situations, an overly hectic schedule, or spending too much time online. Negative energy can be found just about anywhere.

How can toxic energy hurt me?

When we endure negative energy day in and day out for prolonged periods of time, it will leave you feeling drained spiritually. You will feel that you do not know who you are anymore, and it can alter the fundamental traits of our personality and cause you to act in ways you otherwise would not. It can cause you to feel restless, nervous, confused, or moody. You might also show signs of anxiety or depression.

How do I clear negative energy?

Most people react to negativity with negativity, which only prolongs the healing process and creates psychological and emotional damage. Most people run from negativity: They judge it, lock it up, barricade it, and banish it. This does not expel the toxic energy you are harboring. Instead, it creates more negative energy, pain, destruction, and suffering.Luckily, we have the power to turn out mindsets around and boost our mood and energy long-term. By focusing on your spiritual self, you can start to identify the energy sources that are affecting your life. You can make a comprehensive understanding of them and decide how to expel those poisons from your heart. This could mean changing your belief system, letting go of past trauma, or doing a cleansing ritual. You must do this to put you back in a space where you are operating at your highest level.Are there things that have happened in your life that you have not permitted yourself to grieve through? Have you taken care of yourself first before others? Take time to pray, meditate, and talk to a spiritual adviser. This can help you identify where the negative energy lies within you, so you can start working towards fixing it. For example, you might be harboring negative energy around a relationship breakup you have not gotten over entirely and not even realize it.One great way to protect yourself against toxic energy is to practice shielding. We are emotional creatures that absorb the energy around us. Therefore, we must try to avoid situations that will leave us feeling upset and stressed out. Get away from the job that drains you, cut out toxic friends, or redo your room to be a more calming space. Seek out friends and family that lift you up, radiate positivity, and leave the drama behind. Quickly, you will find yourself feeling happier.It will not always be possible to avoid energy-draining situations, but we can proactively prepare for them. The next time you are in a dark place, walk away and take a deep breath. When you have relaxed, write down an action plan of how you can approach the problem. By doing this, you will take yourself out of an emotionally charged negative state and move into an action-orientated positive mindset.Although you will never be able to cut toxicity out of your life entirely, you must focus on letting that energy go so you can fill your cup with positivity. When we make an effort to bring good energy into our lives, the negativity is quickly edged out in a snowball effect. Do what you need to do to rid yourself of anything that does not serve you.

Dec 17, 2021

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