Being genuinely authentic is more than just a hashtag we all post on Instagram. Being authentic means knowing who you are and the purpose of your existence. It means you are rooted in your deepest beliefs, morals, and values, and are living them out each day. It means you have taken yourself to the next level, having defined what is most important to you. Achieving this kind of authenticity can be tough, especially at our age. We are still learning about the world and how we fit into it. We are just starting to think critically for ourselves and decipher all the information our parents, teachers, and society threw at us. You might even be struggling because you realized that some values you grew up with do not align with who you want to be. Putting work into your spiritual side, though, can help you overcome these strains and put you on the path to authenticity.

Why is spirituality important for defining who you are?

Being spiritual is a core part of our overall wellbeing. Like mental, social, and physical health, spiritual health needs to be monitored and restored if we want to be the best versions of ourselves. All these different facets intertwine to help make a complete you. When one of them is low, everything comes out of balance. When we are depressed or anxious, we take steps to uplift our mental state to feel better. Spiritual health acts the same. Spiritual health takes a real deep dive into understanding your soul, which is why it is hard for some to measure or understand. Through spirituality, you can start to look at your life through a new lens. Over time, you grow the wisdom needed to start defining who you are and what you believe in. It can help you understand past trauma you went through and the best route for healing. You will also feel empowered to identify your faults and make changes to how you live each day. You will feel less friction with the choices you make because you’ll have a better sense of what lines up with who you are to guide you with decisions.

How do you connect spiritually?

Connecting spiritually can be easier said than done. Some people feel most connected when walking through nature, doing yoga, or giving back to the community. Others enjoy more traditional options, like prayer, meditation, or music. Start exploring different avenues that help you feel connected to something greater than yourself so you can find what makes you spiritually tick. When you connect spiritually, you can also ask questions like, “What do I need to grow as a person?” or “What purpose do I have on this earth?” You can do this through writing, meditating, or directly talking with God each day. The spirit is ready to put you on the path to self-actualization. It’s not a relationship you will build overnight, but the benefits are more significant than any amount of time and effort needed.The next time you say you are working to becoming your most authentic self, make sure that includes elevating your spiritual health too. When you give up your stress, pain, and frustrations to a higher power, you ultimately gain a sense of control and peace you cannot find through other outlets.

Mar 18, 2022

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