With so many other self-care apps on the market, it’s easy to get frustrated while trying to find one that’s a good fit for you. From physical wellness to mental wellness to apps for sleep, there are many to choose from! With all these different apps, why is Skylight a good fit for you?

Skylight Users

First of all, the Skylight audience is made up of different ages, demographics, religions. Users come from a variety of backgrounds from first time mothers and parents, to student in college. There are non-religious and atheist users, and users who are devout to their chosen religions. You might not expect such diverse group from a spirituality app, but Skylight offers exercises to appeal to a variety of interests.

Why are Skylight Users Coming to the App?

Skylight is Unique

There are not many spiritual self-care apps on the market. Skylight is a unique and easy to use app. It is inviting and non-threatening. Since it’s non-denominational, it gives people a way to meet them where they are at spiritually and if they want, within a religious world. Skylight the tool for you to use to strengthen your relationship with God.

With Skylight, you can come in curious, maybe in the past you’ve engaged in yoga or a meditation so you try one of ours first. The exercise was short and easy to digest, and it makes you more curious so you try our music or affirmations practices. Slowly you’ve built a personal and unique profile and filled the spiritual hole in your life. Skylight is designed to help people want to explore their spirituality in the safety of where they are at without judgment!

Skylight is Free

One of the biggest draws to the Skylight app is that it is entirely free. It is expensive to engage in self-care, things like therapy often cost more than one would imagine. You also often have to pay for varying levels of content on self-care apps, whereas Skylight offers everything all at once.

Users also praise the fact that there are no subscriptions or requirements to sign up for emails. When you open the app, everything is easily accessible and right there.

Skylight is Personal

When you download the skylight app, the first page you’ll see is a customization page for your profile in the app. It asks you questions about types of exercises you like, length of exercises, and areas to focus on such as loneliness or stress. You are able to customize and set your own preferences! You can also choose what you want to do a la carte! The app is personal and customizable.

Skylight is Non-Denominational  

This app provides a way for users to engage without feeling pressure to have to identify with something specific. That being said, if you are religious, it’s still accessible to you. Skylight has something for everybody!


Skylight stands out among self-care apps for its unique, non-denominational approach, welcoming users from diverse backgrounds. It offers a variety of exercises and practices tailored to individual needs, all completely free, eliminating the financial barriers often associated with self-care.

Ultimately, Skylight provides a safe space for spiritual exploration without judgment, making it an ideal choice for anyone looking to fill a spiritual void or enhance their well-being through a personal and unique approach.

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Jun 12, 2024

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