Welcome to Skylight, your one stop shop to increased spiritual wellness! Here are some Skylight FAQs:

What is Skylight?

Want more peace, clarity, and mindfulness in your daily life? Spiritual wellness is your answer. Skylight is a one-of-a-kind app to help you develop everyday spiritual health. Like mental health, physical health, and emotional wellness, we need to consistently nurture our souls just like we would our mind and body. Start your spiritual awakening today by trying exercises that improve your overall spiritual health.

How does Skylight work?

With the Skylight app, you have instant access to daily spiritual wellness with short, simple exercises that generate deep love, strength, and healing. These spiritual exercises are activities that can be done virtually anywhere, with no prior spiritual training or commitment to a particular religion or belief system.

Skylight offers a variety of experiences to fit your needs. Perhaps you feel lonely, need a simple daily prayer, or are just looking for the peacefulness that comes through receiving daily grace. Whatever your circumstances may be, Skylight has something for you.

How will Skylight help me?

Deepest of all—beneath your physical and mental selves, is your spiritual self. Like your body and mind, it can feel, it can hurt, it can heal, and experience wellness. Yes, its feelings are often subtle, but they’re also deep and foundational. Researchers are just beginning to uncover what many have known for centuries: that spiritual health affects other parts of our wellbeing.

The latest studies show that people who regularly care for their spirituality experience:

  • Decreased anxiety and depression
  • Increased resilience
  • A heightened sense of purpose
  • An expanded perspective
  • A more profound feeling of love for the world around you

With just a few minutes a day in the Skylight app, you’ll discover how to connect with yourself, with others, and with God. This is the spiritual app to help take your overall wellness to the next level!

Do you have to be aligned to a certain religion to use the Skylight app?

No! We are non-religions and non-denominational and welcome people with all kinds of different religious and spiritual backgrounds.

Do you have to be seeking a spiritual community to use Skylight?

Skylight is a self-care app for individuals. So no, you do not need to be seeking a spiritual community. We currently do not offer any community aspects on our app, however if you would like to build or join our Skylight community we recommend you follow our social pages:


Is Skylight free?

Yes! Skylight is a 100% free app for anyone to use! We are run by a non-profit organization who is concerned about the decline in spirituality among young adults. We were built for you! Our goal is to increase and help your spiritual journey through the various evidence backed exercises we create.

Is spirituality important to young adults?

According to our research, spirituality is super important to young adults. According to a study done at Springtide Research Institute, 70% of young people identify as spiritual or religious. It may not be in the same way that older generations have regarded spirituality. It’s true that young people don’t go to church, however they do engage in spiritual practices. Whether is be with their headphones on commuting to work, in their rooms, or in short moments where they need something to ground themselves and that’s when they have a spiritual moment. These moments are just not in traditional churches and synagogs.  

What can spiritual leaders learn from the GenZ and Millennial generation?

Spirituality now looks different for some people, but this can be a positive thing. It’s important for spiritual leaders to recognize and understand that. It’s also important for them to remember the generation these leaders are looking to connect with are still highly spiritual, but in new and innovative ways. The question is, how do these groups of people meet halfway? They need to discuss the best ways to build these new relationships in spiritual or religious ways.

How does spirituality tie into a young adult's sense of self?

Young adults don’t often come out and explicitly say, “I’m working on my spirituality.” They say something more like, “I’m really invested in my self-growth,” which can and oftentimes involve spiritual components to help with their overall growth as a person.

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Apr 24, 2024

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