Why Does Prayer Help?

When we talk about how prayer can help with stress, it's essential to understand that life can often be overwhelming and challenging. Stress can stem from various sources, such as caring for an ill family member, juggling multiple responsibilities as a single parent, financial struggles, demanding jobs, health issues, or concerns about the state of the world.

In times of stress, people may seek ways to cope and find relief. While various methods are available, turning to a higher power and engaging in prayer can provide a unique sense of comfort and support. Through prayer and surrendering our fears and worries, we acknowledge that there is a greater force in control of the universe.

We recognize that we don't have to face life's difficulties alone. Whatever higher power you believe in is your protector, and they care for you in every circumstance. By offering our concerns, fears, and anxieties to a higher power, we find reassurance that they is bigger than anything we face. We trust that they know what lies ahead and will use each experience to shape us into better versions of ourselves.

When people embrace this higher power, they do not have to face life's challenges alone. They can surrender their worries and struggles, finding strength and support from a source greater than themselves.

Prayer becomes a means of communication and connection with the higher power. It allows individuals to express their concerns, fears, and anxieties openly. This act of surrendering their burdens through prayer can be immensely cathartic and reassuring. The belief that a loving and understanding higher power is listening and caring provides solace in the midst of distress.

With faith in this higher power, individuals can approach life's difficulties with a newfound sense of confidence and courage. They know that they are not abandoned, and their problems are not too heavy to bear. They can walk through life's journey with peace, knowing that the higher power's strength will support them when their own falls short.

Prayers For Stress Relief

#1 - Prayer for the Self

Do not be anxious about anything. Instead, in every situation, through prayer and thanksgiving, present your requests to a higher power. Take a moment now to breathe in and breathe out. Let’s pray!

“To the creator of the universe, I come to you with my anxieties, releasing my desires for control. I ask for peace of mind, body, and soul. May your incomprehensible peace guard my heart and mind. My anxiety is yours. Amen”

#2 - Prayer with Another

Welcome to this prayer for relief from pressure and stress. Say this prayer with another person, both seeking peace and calm.

“Higher Power, we gather in unity, knowing that you understand everything we face. Today we need relief and your peace that surpasses all understanding. You comprehend our struggles, and with you, we are not alone.
We ask that you empower us with your spirit, filling us with wisdom and strength. Release the burden we carry, lifting the pressure and stress off our shoulders.
We believe that we are strengthened and equipped to overcome our challenges with you, our higher power. In this moment, we find peace, knowing that you are always with us.
Thank you for answering this prayer and bringing relief to our life. Amen.”

#3 - Prayer for Another

This is a prayer to relieve stress from another person. You are not going to pray for all the stress to just disappear. Instead, you’ll pray that the Higher Power will reveal the root causes of their stress, and that they will work together to eliminate them.

“Higher Power, we come in prayer, seeking understanding of the sources of stress in this person's life. Guide them to respond to their circumstances in a way that aligns with your wisdom and peace. Help them along the path. Thank you for this guidance. Amen.”

#4 - Prayer with Breathing

“Dear Higher Power, I come to you seeking relief from stress and anxiety. Today, I have learned a powerful breathing technique that can help reduce the impact of stress on my body and mind.
I will practice the "Two-Two-One" breathing technique, inhaling through my nose for a count of [choose a number], and then exhaling for double that count. This simple practice activates the rest and digest response, bringing me closer to relaxation.
Let us begin by taking a few equal breaths, inhaling and exhaling for the count of four, three times. Now, I will switch to the "Two-Two-One" technique, inhaling for [chosen number] and exhaling for [double the chosen number], repeating this process three times.
Thank you, Higher Power, for this valuable tool to find peace amidst stress. I will remember that relaxation is just a few breaths away, and I can use this technique whenever I need it throughout the day.
In gratitude and faith, Amen.”


In the face of life's ups and downs, the practice of prayer and faith in a higher power offers a sense of stability and hope. It empowers people to navigate challenges and stressors, trusting that there is a divine plan and purpose guiding them. By surrendering their worries and seeking solace in prayer, individuals can find the resilience and peace they need to face life's complexities.

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Jul 25, 2023
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